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  1. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Received a phone call last week to say my file is now completed and to expect an email this week.. Does anyone have an idea what intake I'll be in? They told me at my fitness test that the October intake is almost full, so I'm guessing it'll be Nov/Dec time? Anyone in the same position as me?
  2. Sarah7269


    Hi everyone, I have my medical examination next week and I'm just wondering if anybody can shed some light to what it entails? I have put a few things on my medical questionnaire such as migraines (I suffer with them every 6 months or so, so they're not regular), past depression issues about 7 years ago, and pregnancy related issues such as back pain and referred to physio for it. I'm just wondering what the doctor asks about these? And if it will look bad that I've suffered from them? I'm also aware that they do an eyesight test. I do wear glasses and my corrected vision is 6/4 which apparently is better than the 6/6 requirement. But I'm not too sure what my uncorrected vision is - I've got astigmatism so it can be quite blurry without my specs! Also, sorry for all the questions, but does anybody know how long it takes to hear back? I haven't heard anything from the vetting yet and it's been around 8 weeks. Do we not hear about whether we've been successful or not regarding vetting? And biometrics? Many thanks
  3. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Just after a little bit of advice if anybody can give me some? So I picked up my medical questionnaire from my GP today and I'm now a little bit worried! On the tick box that says "according to these records and your knowledge of the applicant, do the answers given by him/her in the questionnaire appear correct?" To which he's ticked "no". On the box provided below he's written a few things that honestly I didn't even think were relevant. He has put that I had recurrent headaches, which I didn't - I had a migraine once last year. In addition to this he's said I've had "symptoms" of anxiety in 2014, again, I never even knew this and no doctor had ever mentioned this to me or provided me with any medication or anything for anxiety (I don't believe I even have anxiety and have never expressed my concerns with any doctor regarding anxiety issues). He's also put that I've had two moles removed which classes as an operation, again.. I didn't even think as it was literally a trip to the surgery to have it scraped off. Also that I've got a 'possible' dog/cat allergy (I developed some sort of allergy every time I went to my partners mums house and mentioned she had a pet cat which could have been the trigger) and he's also stated that I've had heart palpitations and breathlessness in pregnancy however no cause was founds for a few other pregnancy related issues such as pelvic pain and also carpel tunnel syndrome for which I was referred to a physiologist but I cancelled the appointment as the pain went away before the appointment was due! Im just majorly panicked now as I feels as though he has made me out to be dishonest but it's just because I didn't even think about these due to the fact I never had medication for anything and I completely forgot about them! Im just wondering if anyone can offer me any advice and if this has happened to anyone else? I was so shocked when I received it back today! I'm not sure whether to fill another out and fill in appropriate answers now I have some information and pay for the doctor to complete it again or to just send it off as it is and see what happens? Sorry if I don't make sense I'm just over thinking this and getting myself really worried. Sarah
  4. Sarah7269


    Hi just need some advice! I have recently completed my vetting forms and sent them in. This is the final part of the process for me (excluded the medical) so I've been reading through the vetting forms all week, over thinking everything and I think I've missed something out of the financial forms! My partner has a student loan but he's only just started paying it back this year as he's just reached the salary that entitles him to pay it back if that makes sense. I totally forgot as I filled this in on my own as I thought I knew all of the answers. In addition to this he had a credit card 6 years ago and it got sent to another company and he's just paid it all back in full a few months ago (it was about £1,500)! i know I've missed this from the vetting and now I'm completely panicking! As I said I filled it in without my partner present so completely slipped my mind as I have nothing to declare, it's just him that has a few past issues but he doesn't currently owe anything apart from his student loan. Does anyone have any advice? I sent the forms on Tuesday so I'm worried that they will have already made a start on them! If I ring them up and tell them I've forgotten to put something on there will they reject my application? This is a police officer application by the way. I feel so embarrassed forgetting to put it on there and ringing up to tell them might look as though I was trying to hide something when I honestly wasn't it was just an honest mistake. any help would be much appreciated, especially on how to go about telling them. sarah
  5. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Had my final interview this afternoon and then got a phone call 10 minutes later saying I was successful! I'm still in shock. How fast does the process go from now? I understand there's still vetting and medical to do but how long does this take? Sarah
  6. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Good luck to everybody who has their final interview this week!
  7. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    I was successful at the assessment! So pleased as I was sure I failed! I have my interview on the 9th may which seems so soon and haven't got dates for the fitness test yet. I've got forms to fill in about medical and financial history. Although I've got no debts etc does anybody know why they ask for this information? And what do we need from the doctor as it mentions possibly having to pay for something? Hope everyone who did the assessment last week did well :) Sarah
  8. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi Joey, I just did my assessment today. I'm feeling really down about it! I'd done so much preparation and practice questions at home and nothing I revised even came up. I think I did better than I thought I would on the role plays and managed to get a few important bits in. For the interview I think it went well but the interviewer kept asking probing questions which led me to believe I wasn't answering well at all. She kept looking at my hand movements as I move them a lot when I speak and I feel like this may have let me down too. I didnt manage to complete the maths, it was so hard and to say I was getting 100% on the practice questions in the "how to be" books nothing simple or straight forward came up. I thought the maths was the one I would shine on but I think it was my worst! Hope yours went well. Sarah
  9. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi Joey! I am also a January applicant - I applied 9th January and I have my assessment on Wednesday at 11.15. Have you done much preparation? I have done a few practice maths and english papers and I have also been going over some of the practice interview questions. I'm feeling quite confident about most of it, just extremely nervous about the role plays. I've been practicing these too but it's just the thought of trying to get everything in without the nerves getting the better of me! I'm not sure how it will work either, do we get the scenario before hand and then speak to the role play actor first or does the role play actor state what the scenario is too? Have you done anything on incident report forms? From what I've read online we have to write one, and I've been struggling with the layout. I've also read that we have to write a letter to somebody, however I've read conflicting posts on this as some say they did and others say they didn't have to! Any help would be much appreciated although I know you can't give much away, it would be nice to hear how everybody found it and how long after the assessment we find out whether we've been successful or not. Sarah
  10. Sarah7269

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and quite far behind compared to most of you. I have my assessment date on the 12th April. I'm just wondering if I'm successful at the assessment and then for all of the other processes, how long of a wait is it on average for a start date? The only reason I'm asking is because I'm getting married on the 7th October, and I'm a bit worried in case I get the start date before then (if all goes well). Also, how hard was the assessment? I've heard mixed reviews. I'm quite nervous about the role play as I'm not too sure what to expect. I've been a stay at home Mum for the past 4 years so I feel as though I'm "lacking" and don't know as much as others who have applied! But we'll see. I'm feeling very optimistic about it all :) Sarah