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  1. rolvix

    Final Interview Help

    @Joey_shabadoo definitely look at a specific geographical area as well and some of the local issues that area face. Basically just study the WYP website inside out. Basically you can't do enough reading and prep!
  2. rolvix

    Final Interview Help

    @Joey_shabadoo firstly I've got to congratulate you an a cracking choice of profile name, made me laugh (great episode!) As for the WYP final interview you should defo look forward to it! Mine was last year and really enjoyable, I start in April. The staff are really friendly and make you feel totally at ease. Just make sure you know the force inside out and some of the issues they face. Be confident, remember you have got to this stage so you know that you are good enough to do the job. Good luck!
  3. rolvix

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    @MooseTea Cheers! that's great to hear!
  4. rolvix

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    cheers @ixstis When I called HR about a start date the lady said it would need to be approved with the training sergeant as the date falls within the initial training period (I requested the Monday and possibly Tuesday off as my wedding is on the Sunday). However I recon that week is 15 weeks after my start date! any way I'll give 'em a call tomorrow
  5. rolvix

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi everyone, Wonder if anyone can help regarding the length of initial training. I have read it is 14 weeks but also heard that its 12 weeks and 13 weeks? can anyone clarify? Is it 14 weeks then week 15 is compulsory leave? Reason I ask is I am getting married on Sunday the 23rd of July and I have a start date of the 18th April. By my calculations if its 14 weeks training and then a week off (week 15) I should be off the week after my wedding which would be to good to be true. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks,
  6. rolvix

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi Mr Pickle! Congrats to you as well! great idea for the FB group!
  7. rolvix

    Tips for the Final Interview WYP

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker, 1st time poster. Firstly congrats to everyone who has made it through the long and sometime frustrating process! I also just received a start date of 18th April after applying in June. My application was with OHU for quite a long time due to a medical condition which required further information. I honestly didn't think they would accept the condition so was delighted to get the email! Can't wait to start.... i'm also buying my first house and getting married this year...... 2017 bring it on!!