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  1. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Pop into your local station, I'm sure a probationer will get you a copy of them. If not someone who deals with recruitment at the station.
  2. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Definitely do this. I wish I had, it will help you so much and the definitions are the things you'll need throughout your whole probationary period and for the rest of your police career.
  3. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Apart from the meatballs, they are disgusting. Never seen a grey sauce like it. Enjoy your final function and pass out and good luck back at division.
  4. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Don't worry about your age. I passed out in June and in my class there was a 55 year old a 44 year old and I'm 37. We had as total mix of ages on our intake and everyone mingled with people regardless of age. Start learning your definitions as soon as you can. Good luck and enjoy when you get your start date. It's tough and full on but great fun and the time flies by so quickly.
  5. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aahh mine were on different dates. They do have showers and changing facilities there. It's exciting..good luck with everything.
  6. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    There's loads of parking so don't worry. The tests on the website are fab for practicing. For the fitness you go in your gym stuff and nobody showered after they just went home. If you live a long way away you can book a room at Jackton the night before too. Good luck.
  7. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    6 adults and no limit on children although they are flexible if you want more coming you just need to let them know
  8. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No it was a mixture for both interviews.
  9. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Same. I was also asked this questions. My example was when i worked as a home carer and I didn't realise how attached I'd get to the people I cared for and how hard I found it trying to be strong if they passed away and I was with their loved ones.
  10. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well I can assure you that is what happened on our intake. There are people on our course now looking for properties to move into. Maybe it's been slightly different this time because of uncertainty of how many were actually going to get to Tulli.
  11. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That wasn't the case with our intake.
  12. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you go to your local station and ask them if they can print them off moodle for you or there is an app called brainscapes police definitions you could use too.
  13. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You don't find out your divisions until Tulliallan. Then once you get your division you sometimes need to wait for which stations. Once you get an intake date get learning the definitions. Wish I had as there's roughly 54 to learn verbatim ?. It's all worth it though.
  14. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I did at this point because didn't feel confident about my interview. This is where they said that my answers could be typical day to day things and as long as they covered 4 points then they would be fine. Go in with a big smile firm handshake and use the water provided. I was really nervous about my interviews. good luck
  15. MorkC

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah that's exactly it. Just enjoy the day. The interview for me was harder as the questions had a more negative spin on them but they were all really lovely and they want you to do well so I didn't feel pressured to rush an answer.