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  1. JudRA


    hello! Looking to learn what I can and hopefully help some others too
  2. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    My provisional offer was December, I've heard nothing and was told to expect the September or December intake. The latest I've seen so far for this intake is people who got theirs in August 2016.
  3. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, When I prepared for mine I looked at working to deadlines and having to time manage and prioritise. I personally used the example of being at university and also working two jobs and managing the demands of these through planning and organisation. I can't remember the exact question though. I would say though, for the first interview I had planned quite specifics answers for each competency, however when they asked about it from a different angle it make me struggle slightly. So I would advise to have a few ideas/ examples floating around rather than a scripted answer or at least answer that you adapt easily enough, like Eva said they sometimes ask things in different way than you'd think.
  4. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi MartyA I'm also on the group, if you try messaging me I can add you
  5. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I got asked the same question as Joner, about what agencies I thought police Scotland worked with. I had chances in my other answers to speak about partnership working in my current job but I'm sure that it wasn't explicitly asked of me.
  6. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, I've not heard of anyone from the west having received letters yet. I was later than you with my FF in December in the west. When I last called I was told that they were only considering people for the intake who's vetting was complete. I was told I wouldn't be in June and it would likely be September or December.
  7. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm going through the west command and it took around 8 weeks for me to hear back about IF. It was a long wait but after the initial wait everything moved quite quickly and they were in regular contact. Then once your successful it's another waiting came until your intake. The actual recruitment stages were quite close together, maybe a week or so. I had my fitness, then a week later sets, and another week before my interview.
  8. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    March, June, September and December. Usually toward the end of the month
  9. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When I last contacted them I was told they couldn't give an exact date but they would try to give as much notice as possible. Based on when other intakes have heard I would hope it would be within the next week or two. Some people in the east have already been told dates for Ff and SMT but I don't believe anyone in the west has yet.
  10. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Mine took around a week, from the west command. As I remember they only asked one for each competency. They said to me 'this questions relates to Respect for Diversity' then they would ask the question, they did then ask a couple of follow up questions related to my answer but there was one main question for each. For the Job knowledge I think I was asked maybe two or theee questions.
  11. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's what I thought as well. Some people in east have started to hear but I think the west will likely be in the next week or two!
  12. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey losthawk, i was also the west, I heard about my initial fitness around 8 weeks after submitting my application, I had my sets about a week after my fitness. And then my initial interview was two weeks later. After passing first interview my assessment centre was 3 weeks later. My medical was a week later and the final fitness a week after that. After the initial wait it all happened relatively quickly, and since then it's all quiet on the western front. Had final fitness in December and hoping to hear soon about the June intake or potentially September! Hope all that makes sense hah!
  13. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just wondering if anyone has started hearing about dates for FF and SMT for the June intake? I know some in the east have and wondered if anyone in the West had heard?
  14. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's really helpful, thank you Gt66. Good luck for Tulliallan. I had my Ff and medical in December and keeping fingers crossed for June intake, your right it really is the longest wait of your life haha!
  15. JudRA

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think the interviews were around half an hour or so. They run a few interviews at the same time to speed up the process. They will give out a sheet of time slots so that you know when your up. I think the longest wait was about 2 and a half hours/ three hours! It can be long but it's a good chance to read over notes again,