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  1. bigyin46

    SMT process

    I have been told I am on track for the June intake, obviously that is barring any delays with references etc
  2. bigyin46

    SMT process

    I got my provisional offer 3 weeks ago, I am east command which seems to be moving quicker than most fortunately for me.
  3. bigyin46

    SMT process

    under arm? that makes my eyes water thinking about it lol providing all goes as it should I am told I am on track for the june intake but it still feels like its so far away
  4. bigyin46

    SMT process

    I was thinking it would have been a urine sample or something, is the test done at your final fitness? Also once that's passed that should be the last thing before starting should it not?
  5. bigyin46

    SMT process

    Hi all, I have passed my AC and I have my medical next week, providing that goes ok (finger crossed) what is involved in the substance misuse testing? I've never had anything like that before.