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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm not really too concerned about the reasons for the arrest, I'm sure the police have good cause. What I'm really unhappy with is the lack of support the family gets in this situation. You say the police are unlikely to speak to my sister as she's not involved, but that's not strictly true is it? She's married to the accused and has teenage children who will be asking a lot of questions. She's just been left thinking "What the hell just happened to my life?" I'm just surprised that no support is available for the family of somebody accused of something like this as they have nowhere to go and only have the word of the accused to go on with regard to what the process will be. I'd just like to understand what my sister can actually expect in terms of due process. What her husband is likely to be put through etc. Thanks again.
  2. This is my first post so thanks for reading and for any opinions / advice you can offer. I had a rather distressing conversation with my older sister yesterday. She called me in a bit of a state to say her husband of 20 years and father to their two teenage girls was arrested at 7:30am at their house last week by four Police officers and charged with possessing and downloading child pornography. :-( Obviously this is pretty bruising for any family to hear, especially for me as I have a 4 year old son. Apparently eight additional staff entered the property and confiscated all my brother-in-law's IT equipment too. The trouble is, my sister hasn't had any advice or information from the Police, is this normal? They didn't even interview her or my nieces. My brother-in-law was released and is now back home and obviously in a right state. My sister sat him down with the girls and asked him to explain what had happened. He told them (and we don't know how much to believe) that the offence occurred on the 5th November and involved 8 video files downloaded via a P2P filesharing network. Personally I find it hard to believe that the Police would act in this way based upon 8 downloads on one single date. Wouldn't they have needed to have built a case against him over a period of time and have reason to believe he was in some way involved in a larger scale operation? I just worry that in fact this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I may be wrong. Also, how do they know that he didn't download the files believing them to be something else? It all seems very cloak and dagger to me. Additionally, how could they know if was my brother-in-law to blame when four people live in the house and any number of people have access to the wi-fi? They asked for him by name when they arrested him, like he must have used his real name somewhere along the line. It's impossible to know the identify of the person sat at the keyboard at the time surely? We haven't told anybody else, my sister has only confided in me because she needed an outlet, we are obviously upset and worried. It seems completely out of character for my brother-in-law who is ex-military with quite a glittering 30 year career. Why haven't the Police spoken to my sister? Why hasn't she been offered any support? What can they expect in terms of investigation, trial and sentencing etc? Apparently it will be August before they hear anything else. Not condoning my brother-in-law's actions. If he's guilty he's guilty and we didn't know him like we thought we did, but I also have to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. thanks for your time.