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  1. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I wear both but mostly glasses tbh with corrected my vision is a little better than 6/6 think it's 7/6! if they come back to you ask if you can do it again. My options said if you take you glasses off for 5 mins your uncorrected eyes will adjust a little and you can see a little more when doing the test!
  2. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When I got my options report they said my uncorrected vision doesn't meet the standard. when I went for my medical I squinted really hard and I passed! they then called me to said overall I failed my medical as my optitions report doesn't match my scores. So had to go back to Specsavers and get a new report which again, tried hard and squinted, and passed! Don't know if this helps but when I didn't pass the only other option for me was to get laser eye surgery (which a few people I know had to do)
  3. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's a really good idea! Would be nice to know what peoples plans are e.g the night before!
  4. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think a few of us got the calls today! Just told me to wait till I have some things through the post before I put my notice in but might have to do it on Friday anyways! See you at Tulliallan!!
  5. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I am exactly the same! Phone has rang 3 times today and my heart has almost beaten out of my chest!! Been PPI 3 times thou:/ I need to hand my notice in on Friday so fingers crossed we start to hear something soon (the good or the dreaded bad) Good Luck, have my fingers crossed for everyone!
  6. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for the reply Paul! So glad to know I am not the only one waiting, thought I would be getting a letter of rejections as had not heard anything. But thank you for putting me at ease about it! Amy
  7. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thank you for replying, so back and forth about whether to call or not! Just didn't know if people had been told by now or what happens next, dreading getting a letter through the post saying I've been rejected after everything! Will wait till Friday then give them a call, thank you again:)
  8. multichomp

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have had a provisional offer to start on the 27th of March. Went for my medical, final fitness and uniform fitting last Monday, its been over a week and I haven't heard anything yet? A guy called me on Friday and said one of my references fell through and I needed to get another (which I did and they gave it) but haven't heard anything. Should I call? Or wait a few more days? As if I have been accepted then I will need to hand my notice into my current employer on Friday...?