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  1. Chris92

    Offer withdrawn

    I doubt you failed vetting as you did not receive an email saying that your application has been terminated. You will have to wait longer...
  2. Chris92


    You will be given the option to declare it. Don't worry it will be fine.
  3. Chris92


    You should be fine as long as you declare it. Don't take any chances because they are looking for integrity. I had a cannabis warning when i was about 19 and passed vetting without any problems. Edit: of course, I declared it.
  4. Chris92

    been a while, jobs alright, sometimes

    Thanks bro, reading this boosts my confidence. After all these months i am finally ready to go. I got the ckp offer and the start date. I was reading about superiors bullying and long hours but there is nothing else i would be doing tbh.
  5. Chris92


    Do you guys know if vetting for a EEA national takes longer than a British one? I'm assuming they do some checks in your home country too. I got the conditional offer on 21st of March and my start date is 26th of June. I also opted for the internal CKP so my vetting is being fast tracked but I'm still concerned that I will miss the start date due to vetting (i keep reading about people who have waited months for vetting to be cleared). Any thoughts?
  6. Chris92

    26th June 2017 Intake

    I dont im afraid but i remember reading about a dude that sent 3 emails with no reply but when he sent the 4th email they replied within 15 minutes... you can try that i guess since your problem is complicated to say the least.
  7. Cool, thank you and congrats!! I have never been so stressed in my entire life... I've been refreshing my inbox every 3 minutes for the past two months... I want this so much its crazy! Good luck with the ckp and training
  8. How long did you guys wait from the conditional offer till the ckp start date?
  9. Chris92

    26th June 2017 Intake

    Best advice is to call hr... your vetting should be completed but there is only one way to find out. I am planning to resign when i get the ckp offer but i only have 2 weeks notice.I ve noticed that other people got it ~1 month before the start date which is bad for you and your 3 months notice. Call them asap and good luck.
  10. Chris92

    26th June 2017 Intake

    Hello, same here 26th intake. I replied to the conditional offer accepting but I also mentioned that i opted for the ckp trainee scheme. Next day I was contacted by HR stating that i will next be contacted when they find me a place on the internal ckp course. Technically the vetting is not done considering that i passed day 2 on 13th of mar and i got the offer 21st of mar. Sry for any msitakes im on phone at work Edit: also, i keep reading about these awful waiting times and here I am with an offer less than 2 weeks after passing day 2.. any idea why?