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  1. jonathanf

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all, I previously applied Nov 16, then October 17, and now it’s coming round to me being able to apply again. Only downside is I’m failing initial interview. Sometimes it’s silly things letting me down like a poor example and then trying to backtrack during it, or just generally not having any structure to my answers. I’m aware of the STAR format but I struggle to integrate it into my own answers. Worst thing is that I helped my sister through the bits I know. She passed everything first time and starts in December! I currently work for the Ambulance Service and also in the Army Reserves, so examples should be endless. When it comes to trying to think of examples for my interview I just totally flap. I’m just looking for advice and ways to revise for the interview and breaking down the elements of STAR with your examples? I’m comfortable with job knowledge and if I get a positive service delivery question I have a perfect example of that when I worked in a camera shop. I tried to remember the descriptors previously and it was a horrendous interview. Also looking at interview coaching if anyone has used that before? Thanks, Jonathan
  2. jonathanf

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Would be interested in this info also if that's alright? 2nd initial interview and pretty nervous! Cheers, J