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  1. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone failed AC first time but came back stronger the second time and passed? I unfortunately have another set back in failing AC on Thursday! Was in a group of 5 and three of them were very loud and leading, so struggled to get my opinion and views in without seeming like I was being ignorant! It completely knocked my confidence for my second interview! Phoning on Tuesday for feedback so hopefully will be able to see were I need to improve on!
  2. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aww well done Mark, you excited?! You don’t mind if I PM you for some advice? I’m hoping for a December intake, in hope that I pass A/C on Thursday 😳🤞🏽 Knowing you are so close is nerve wrecking haha!
  3. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I didn’t think it would be so soon! But I have chosen L in which they are fast tracking for! A year?! That’s a long time to wait! Don’t give up but
  4. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Passed initial interview today! 😁( second attempt) is anyone up at Jackton for A/C day on 12th of July?
  5. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Il Pm you ☺️
  6. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Does anyone have any rough ideas on what questions can be asked on personal effectiveness? I have a few examples lined up in which all hit at least 4 points. But worried in case I get a question that doesn’t fit any of my examples? if anyone has any examples just so I know I’m on the right track it would be great! Thank you ☺️
  7. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    June last year? Wow what took it so long?! I failed interview last July so this is my second attempt! Let me know how you get on?😁
  8. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Interview date came through today! Anyone else up on the 3rd of July?
  9. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey! I am on the exact same boat as you! Failed my interview last july as struggled to have the appropriate examples for the competencies! I re applied in january and have been told I have passed paper sift and just awaiting an interview date. I hope you hear soon! What divison have you applied for? I also wouldnt mind any tips or questions ideas too, it would be greatly appreciated Louise😊
  10. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Pm me? 😬
  11. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What stage are you at? I think I’m just over worrying, although I know what to expect! Il be fine, fingers crossed! 😬 thank you!
  12. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That book is actually advertised within the book I currently have but didn’t want to waste more money if it wasn’t useful! Il give it a go! Thank you 😬
  13. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Iv read this thread over the year 🙈😂 just worrying I have missed something! But it’s more so with the competencies, worrying that my examples don’t fit the criteria, despite having the descriptors! Was there anything you done for preparation? Iv contacted probationary officers, spoke to my local station, read through the police scotland website and twitter pages?
  14. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, so I was wondering if any of you used any books to help in preparation for your initial interview? I recently bought “how 2 become a police officer” but was wondering if any of you recommend any better books? I failed interview last year and managed to get through again and just awaiting a date! so wanting make sure I manage to cover all aspects. Thank you 😬
  15. loucon

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aww that’s ashame, just as @hutclis has stated you have probably just missed the cut off! Fingers crossed it reopens during your process and you get the option to change your preferences! Only a month to go until you can reapply! Good luck and Let us know when you have heard back ☺️