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  1. Bradley999

    Family history

    Put my mind at rest abit now ! Roll on final interview mate which force are you ? Thanks so much for all help appreciate it.
  2. Bradley999

    Family history

    Thanks mate this sounds positive then !
  3. Bradley999

    Family history

    Sorry mate it won’t let me text but my dad was convicted of a sexual offence crime 13 years ago... wasn’t a prison sentence.
  4. Bradley999

    Family history

    Hi mate could we private message don’t really want to talk on open about it Thankyou for getting intouch really do appreciate it.
  5. Bradley999


    Anyone else have any advice or expierience with similar circumstances ?
  6. Just wondering if anyone has there final interview date yet ? Not heard anything so nervous and anxious 😳😳
  7. Bradley999


    Thanks mate... seems unfair for it to affect me like I say the career I’m currently in shows the kind of person I am ethics and values wise doesn’t it surely ?
  8. Bradley999

    Final interview.

    Woohoo!! Finally passed assessment centre with GMP can anyone give me some advice pointers etc for the final interview? Thankyou so much in advance.
  9. Bradley999

    GMP final interview

    Woohoo!! Finally passed the assessment centre just final interview to go now , can anyone give me any advice for the final interview please Many Thanks guys.
  10. Bradley999


    Anyone have any advice please as I’ve just found out I’ve passed my assessment centre and now have my interview I will be so gutted if this prevents me 😞😞😞
  11. Bradley999


    Help 🤯 please !! I have never ever been in any form of trouble or involvement with the police ever, I am a firefighter at the minute so I would like the think I’m a respected member of the public and have proved my values in the public etc, my only worry is this vetting form as I have 2 family member who have been convicted of sexual crimes (historical) will this stop me passing the vetting I am so worried it would kill me to have my dream career took away over something that I had no involvement in etc I was 5 year old at the time of the offences I am now a 21 year old man with a child etc some one please help 😔 Thankyou guys
  12. Bradley999

    Family history

    Any advice anyone ?
  13. Bradley999

    Family history

    What are my chances of me getting in I have a completely clean criminal record, but 2 of my family members were convicted of historic crimes.
  14. Bradley999

    Assessment centre result waiting time?

    Good luck mate ! Still waiting for my assessment centre result !
  15. Has anyone from GMP assessment centre 28th April 2017 had there result yet ?? Very anxious ATM just want to know ??. Let me know please guys it's appreciated!