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  1. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I would be up for a whats app group also. last email said fitness test was going to be 5th of February. Still need to redo my medical though but been told i may still be on the March intake.
  2. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Curious to what everyone's ages that are applying? I am 26 this year which i feel will be in the higher ages when starting at tulliallan? I know my friend who is serving started when he was 19 and he says he slightly regrets starting so early due to not having so much life experience. This isn't to put anyone that is young off. He still loves the job has specialised and doesn't regret joining the police.
  3. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No notes are allowed in the Interview.
  4. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Happy New Year. My friend is a probationer and talking to him i don't think i gained much apart from read the website and information on there. Most of the other things are covered on here which was what i worked off for my interview. They did ask if i had talked to a probationer in my interview which they marked down.. i suppose this looks good to them also. That's me back at the gym and dieting now. Focused on my medical at the end of Feb. good luck.
  5. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey man, sorry to hear that. I am the same so hopefully the next intake after march for me whenever that is? Got another appointment to go back at end of Feb. Going to take a break from this also until then.
  6. xperty92

    The Force: The Story of Scotland's Police

    Haven't heard of it. Looks like its on iplayer - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b09hm33h Will be giving it a watch.
  7. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, Got a email this morning saying final fitness is at the start of Feb as well as my SMT as I am possibly down for March intake. Had medical this morning also but have been deferred for 3 months which could possible go up to a year depending on my doctors feelback and a few things in my notes. Likely to have another medical end of February. Just wondering if anyone knows the next intake after March? Cheers.
  8. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was 4 weeks between everything basically. SETs/Initial Fitness - Initial interview 4 weeks later - Assessment Centre 4 weeks later - Medical now booked 4 weeks later This was in Aberdeen
  9. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's a boost because i also have medical tomorrow and no vaccination report. I have a little booklet with all my vaccinations i had due to my previous job so will just take that along anyway. Had a medical in March for Oil and Gas offshore work so likely this will be the same.
  10. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Are you for real? Of course people were aware of it but surely a bit of common sense from doctors could be useful here that's all they are asking. Sorry for being such a inconvenience. Can you send me a list in PM of the questions i am allowed to ask? Thanks in Advance #alsojustsayin
  11. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    got my medical on Wednesday.. 25 YO Male currently 96KG and 5ft 10" .. puts my BMI around 30.3. Will let you know how i get on.
  12. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have uniform fitting and i haven't done final fitness or SMT.. also haven't had a start date. Medical and uniform fitting on the same day.
  13. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aye thats true. Good luck anyway :) Are you down for the march intake for Aberdeen?
  14. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have medical in 2 weeks.. My BMI is bang on 30 at the moment. Will need to just do cardio until medical to ensure i don't gain weight and go above that.. BMI is a farce really.. basically if i went to the gym and was bulking my muscle gain would likely shoot my BMI up above 30!
  15. xperty92

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nice one. I have both Medical and fitting in the morning. Will be heading back to my current in the afternoon. Any word on fitness test?