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  1. JRL

    Reduce training numbers

    Ah! I didn't get any insider information at my AC. I guess it's good to know what the target is. I think I'll write an email to Devon and Cornwall and see if they've anything. I know they just finished a batch who took the AC around the same times as us, but they've already had medical and the force interview. Let me know if you hear anything from recruitment! I've been refreshing my emails religiously the past few months...
  2. JRL

    Reduce training numbers

    Nope, I've been waiting on the the medical and physical as well. I guess it's not been so long at the moment since our ACs (3-4 months) and I'm also OK with waiting for the training to start, but it's that possibility that the AC might count for nothing and being back at square one (or two). I checked the websites of the neighbouring forces and I couldn't see anyone with recruitment open at the moment, but I did see that Nottinghamshire Police are recruiting and accepting transferred scores. It's just quite a way to go, especially since they have a force interview - and I've no idea about the area, it's people or how it's policed! When you were talking with recruitment did you ask at all about how many applicants they needed to get through? When I applied it was advertised that A&S were looking for 120 new officers but I've not idea if they are still working through applicants from before that recruitment drive.
  3. JRL

    Reduce training numbers

    Hi Mike, I applied in September 2016 and I also received this email last week. I also asked them about the possibility of having to be reassessed after a year and was told that A&S would 'review' it at the time when my result was no longer valid. Didn't exactly instil me with confidence! I read on the College of Policing guidance that marks may be extended under "exceptional circumstances" (pg.2, attached), so a little hope there. It's hard to sit tight and just not know what's going on. Have you had your medical and physical or any vetting done yet? 2011_pass_mark_FINAL.pdf