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  1. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you have an AC on a Friday do you get told the result on the Monday?
  2. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Is it at Jackton?
  3. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hiya, I’m a special just now. You can fire over any questions on a PM if you like. With regards to how the specials work, it usually varies depending on division. I know for all of central belt, you will be assigned a line manager and team on response at a specific station but the way it works is that you can pretty much go out with any community/response team you like. Hope that helps!
  4. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What's the starting date for September Intake?
  5. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Really useful, what recruitment centre did you go through and what divs did you apply for?
  6. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What stage of the process are you at? Did you go through Jackton?
  7. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone changed their division choices during the recruitment process? I chose Lanarkshire and Edinburgh but I'm thinking that the Lanarkshire choice will be delaying the whole recruitment process so I'm considering changing it.
  8. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks a lot mate, was it Edinburgh and Forth you applied for yourself? So did you put in your application in on July/August 2017?
  9. Jambo439

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone got time scales from submitting the application to different stages of the recruitment process for Forth Valley or Edinburgh? I’m aware that most of East recruitment is going through Jackton now, so don’t know if that will affect the waiting times.