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Sheila Walker

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  1. Good reference, Adesteele. (I've recently been researching this in college). In the US, the private land -normally- excludes violations of the vehicle code. However, in the US (I'm sure the UK has very similar laws) criminal negligence comes into play where the courts can use precedents regarding unsafe operation of a motor vehicle without regard as to where it was operated.
  2. Sheila Walker

    Indentity and character theft

    Thanks much for the response. At present I'm jumping at shadows and very unsure what I can say on the net. Without my knowledge: Several of my stored gmails were deleted. I have been banned from two police related web sites that I know of. My library account at the university has been blocked. There was some confusion at the police academy when I reported in as one or more emails sent from my email account had me withdrawing from the course. Of course I had that gmail account blocked, sort of. Gmail is not very responsive when it comes to complaints. As I said, I'm jumping at shadows. It seems to me a subtle long term effort has been undertaken to maliciously harass me and thwart my efforts in both my scholastic efforts and my efforts to become a LEO. (As the making of an account in August of last year and only last month getting banned at that account) I'm reading, spiteful, malicious, but not exactly professional hacking. Like I am being toyed with. I simply have no clue what the scope of these efforts are and what further actions the person(s) might undertake.
  3. Sheila Walker

    evidence dimensions

    Commonly an engineers square. The white rectangles in the checkerboards are 1cm x 1/2cm for ease of sight referencing.
  4. Sheila Walker

    Facial Recognition - assistance please

    I have discovered an odd weakness, a failing, in my brain hotel. Simply put, I am rotten at matching persons face to a photo or composite image and visa versa. Could I get some pointers, tips or tricks people, especially law officers use, in facial identification? Very especially law officers as they often have to use snap judgement at a moments notice. I'm quite good with the body, height, build and weight. It's just this face issue. Thanks much.
  5. Sheila Walker

    Indentity and character theft

    Re: techie1 Acknowledged and understood. Personal responsibility is in order. The onus is on the individual to be aware and discerning. That aside, about an hour after I made my above post I realized that too could have been from the person impersonating me on the net and trying to besmirch my name. I feel so naive in the character theft game. Be that as it may, I move on to why I came to this forum.
  6. Sheila Walker

    Indentity and character theft

    Where to start. Sum up, I've been fantastically stupid. Using a private network at a business to conduct research into my ongoing law enforcement training. Plugging my memory stick containing a couple GB of my private notes into their computer. I went to create an account, log in, on a law enforcement related forum a week ago. Forum stated I was logged in but only given guest access. Inquiry was not responded to. By chance I went through their registered members list last night and came across my name. I was banned from the site on April 24th. My account made August last year. I had never been to their web site before. It made no sense, until I thought about it. I am despised by certain people in that particular area. Probably by people who worked at that business. They also despise law enforcement in general and my pursuing a career in law enforcement particularly repulsive to them no doubt. My conclusion. My memory stick in their computer. A key stroke logging program. Someone having access to all my notes. Identity theft would be child's play. They could even cut and paste my own writing. With my efforts to become a law enforcement officer in that area well known, it would not take much effort to get me restricted or locked out of common law enforcement web sites. And who knows what else. I'm feeling shocked and overwhelmed here. Can anyone offer me insights? I am now using a different web access site. I never used last names or included particulars such as addresses or phone numbers in my notes. But I have no clue what ramifications may come from this. In the dark. Thanks for giving this your attention.
  7. Sheila Walker


    A hello to all. I'm presently in a police academy in the US. I've spent several years working my way to this career move. To be more concise, I'm doing academy while maintaining student status at college, 5 units, plus several hundred miles commute every week. Please excuse me if I sound a little terse at times. Blame it on my 26 hour daily schedule. I came to this forum to get some blanks filled in. I'm not looking for class assistance per se. My desire is, after spending so much time preparing for my LEO career I wish to really be on top of all aspects that I am learning. To this end I want to correct the various weaknesses that I have become aware of, and become as competent as possible. Seeking input from officers on: -Suspect lie detection -Facial identification, matching person to picture and reverse -Tips on my decorum and demeanor under various scenarios and situations (for a start) My best to all. SW.