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  1. ljohn

    September 2017 intake

    Hey Matthew! I was over a fettes for my application process!
  2. ljohn

    September 2017 intake

    Hi there, just wondering if there is anyone out there due to start at tulliallan on the 25th sept? Would be great to get to know some of you before heading up in September! I've read there has been a few WhatsApp group chats for other intakes and I'm wondering if there are any for the sept intake?
  3. ljohn

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How long after a medical has everyone had to wait for a final fitness test date? Im eager to get started in September so hope it not much of a wait after the medical!
  4. congrats on finishing your probationary period! Im just wondering if you get a full wage whilst at tulliallan and does that continue at the same rate through your two years probation?
  5. thanks jimmyP and wall.3 !
  6. Hi folks, I've recently been givien a provisional offer of appointment and if everything goes to plan I should be heading to tulliallan by the 25th of sept. I'm just wondering how likely it is that I will get my first choice of placement (fife) as I know that Edinburgh is in high demand at the moment, which is my second choice. Any other tips or advice for tulliallan and the upcoming weeks before hand would also be greatly appreciated!
  7. ljohn

    Hi folks.

    Hi folks, I've been given a provisional offer and I am due to start at Tulliallan on the 25th of sept. I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows the likelihood of me getting my first choice posting (which is fife) as I know there is a high demand in Edinburgh at the moment, which is my second choice. Any tips for tulliallan or the up coming weeks before hand would be greatly appreciated too!