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  1. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What is this 21st Century technology!?!?
  2. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, if you can't remember that. How will you remember details for court from some crime that took place 5 years ago?
  3. MrFender


    The important thing is declaring it at the time... If you omitted it from your application, then realized it could be a problem and contacted them back to fess up, it could be a problem. But if you declared it initially and they were ok with it, all should be good. Honesty is the key.
  4. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Congrats buddy! The wait for that phone call is deadly...I got mine when I was at work...and I MISSED THE CALL because I was on the phone to a customer. Then had to wait for my break 4 hours later to call them back. To say that I was a wreck would be an understatement!
  5. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I guess like you said "I was told by a local inspector" and as such you followed that advice. I was told by a couple of new recruits and a serving PC to always use the STAR method so...I followed that advice. Looks like it all comes down to where you gather your advice. I was certainly under the impression to be whiter than white, answer honestly which included saying if you didn't have an example as winging it through a lie would be dangerous if they probe the story.
  6. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It depends really. If they were to ask for example "Give me a time where you stood up for diversity" and you dont actually have a situation where you did something, be hypothetical and say that you haven't been in such a situation and proceed to use the STAR method to describe what you believe you would do.
  7. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I mean, not to sound nasty. But you are asking for advice from a lot of people who have passed the interview you that are trying to prepare for, you are now being told very specifically to use the STAR method as its very well known that the recruiters WANT that form of answering used for each competency, and now you are disputing this advice by saying you find other methods easier to use. I assure you, they want you to use the STAR method, not the method that you find the easiest to use.
  8. MrFender

    Application form sent

    Any convictions, run ins, families with histories etc makes them do the vetting procedure in that area first. My father had a criminal history and I was told that my vetting would have been clear when I was at my initial interview as that would have been the first thing they would have checked. For everyone else, 6-8 weeks just to hear back, don't let it deflate you. Stay motivated and stay talking on here!
  9. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No matter what, use the STAR method. It is what they request, and even if your answer is great and you don't use the STAR method, it will count as a strike against you for not following the instruction of answering the way that they requested. Not a single question that they asked me at the initial interview was the same as the questions they asked me at the A/C, it was a completely fresh interview and you might even have the same interview assessors so be careful not to replicate yourself.
  10. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Massive tip here. There practically is NOT any practical thing to plan for. These practical tasks themselves are not important...its all the assessment of your behavior and how you work as part of a team. How the task goes is almost irrelevant, just be a good team player and encourage others to take part if they are doing a little bit less.
  11. MrFender

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think it is very important not to go into it over-prepared. If you are expecting certain questions and plan for them, thats good but it can also limit your expectations of the interview. You know you own life, you know the experiences you have been through. If they ask a second question for a competency that you have not planned for, as long as you are able to remember you own life you should be fine to answer as long as you follow S.T.A.R and take your time. I was way over prepared for my AC, but am good enough at thinking on my feet to comfortably sail through the interview. It is all stress, they expect you to look and feel stressed and I don't doubt that they enjoy it to a certain extent, just play their game and be honest and calm about your answers. I got in for this years December intake (I am from Edinburgh) so I wish you luck and can't wait to see you all there!
  12. MrFender

    Steel Toecap Boot?

    In the simplest form. It is not part of the Police Uniform. At this point it is like asking why they don't accept knuckle studded gloves.
  13. Hey everybody. I was fortunate enough to have passed my AC. Got the phone call yesterday. I was the first person to have been interviewed and had to leave right after so I was not able to take down the details of any other recruit before leaving. I guess the idea slipped my mind due to focusing so hard on the actual AC throughout the day. Anybody else here do the AC at Jackton this past Thursday? It seemed to be mostly Edinburgh folk and it would be great to find out who was successful and keep in touch. Regards Mr Fender
  14. MrFender

    Older applicant

    Hi there, I would say go for it sir. You have absolutely nothing to lose and I would not want my life to end with a massive 'what if' in the back of my head. As for your age, if you are physically fit then you should not be deterred by this, there is a standard that is realistic for all ages now and it has helped encourage many to apply. However, I would consider a couple of important factors with the age. - Are you going to be OK in Police College being shouted at as an older man? Tulliallan can be tough mentally I hear and certain habits and standards will have to be changed which may be difficult for an older person. - Are you going to be comfortable taking orders from your superior who could easily be a 22 year old man or woman when you yourself are in your forties? I am sure you would be fine.