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David Jamieson

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  1. David Jamieson

    Dog Attack

    Last week my mother had the unfortunate experience of watching two Staffordshire Bull Terriers run up the length of her driveway and into one of her cats small enclosed beds, where both dogs then mauled the 18 year old cat. As my step father tried to remove the dogs and save the cat, he also was scratched severely on the arm and leg, resulting in a trip to A&E for an injection. Once the cat was finally released, both dogs were kept in the house and the police were called, who then took them away. Although the cat survived the initial attack, he died early the next morning due to a seizure. After posting information on Facebook, it became apparent that the two dogs had escaped the owners property approx two hours previously and were seen running up and down main roads as well as in and out of gardens, before finding our cat to attack. At no time were the dogs reported missing by the owner, who had a third "Staffie" still at her house. Although a household pet of 18 years was killed and a male suffered significant bodily harm, the police force in question said there wasn't much more they could do and passed the dogs and information onto the local Dog Warden. After a meeting with the local dog warden, my mother was told their "hands are tied" and only a couple hours after the cat had died, the dogs were returned to their owner with no action taken. My mother has spoken with Police and Dog Warden since and as far as they are concerned the matter is closed. I have two children who enjoy playing in that driveway, and should they have been there that day they would of either been in the firing line of the dogs or severely traumatized by what they would of witnessed! Since posting on Facebook, it has caused an out roar in the local community that these wild, uncontrollable animals and the incompetent owner are still walking the streets, where only time will tell if the next attack will be another animal, child or baby! I spoke to a retired PC who is shocked that the police have washed their hands on this case and are just passing it down the line. We have also spoken to Citizens Advice who have confirmed that this story should go straight to our local Councillors and the papers if necessary to get justice. Given the facts above are true, my question is... Should there be more done by the Police on this or is passing it to the Dog Warden, whose hands are tied, the correct path to take? Many thanks and i would appreciate any responses.