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  1. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I wore business dress but loads just had smart casual, always good to impress 😉😉
  2. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I got booked in for my medical 2 weeks after passing A/C in April, had it in May. Everyone on my A/C was told it would be within a few weeks of passing. This was at jackton
  3. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I had a few examples in my head but my strategy was to learn the descriptors and wing it, it worked well for me and I passed both interviews. Just keep in mind to use the star method when giving the answer and make sure you actually answer what they are asking. I spoke to an inspector who done the interviews and he told me alot of people fail because they don't actually answer the questions ! Best of luck and keep calm, you will be fine 🙂
  4. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Haha hopefully see you there then !
  5. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Monday the 14th when's yours ?
  6. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Where you at jackton on Thursday ? I was there and got the good news yesterday I passed
  7. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi got my AC next Thursday and was wondering if anyone was asked about the standards of professional behaviour, it's something I never learned for my initial interview but not sure if it's likely to come up at AC.
  8. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    For those who have been to AC, did any questions from your initial interview pop up in the AC ?
  9. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I had mine on Monday, came out and thought the same as you ! Really thought I had blew it because I couldn't actually remember what the descriptors were for each competency but got the email telling me I had passed a few hours later !! I'm sure you will have done well especially if you are able to answer all the questions :)
  10. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I applied in September as well, I've been through sets and initial interview, got my A/C in April so moving a lot quicker for me. I've applied for J and C divisions.
  11. Stevo93

    SETs Stage

    I passed my sets at the end of January, got my initial interview next week ! I had a look at those past papers and I found they worked a treat. Only advice id give is watch your time and make sure you read the questions properly. The maths is easy as you have a calculator as well as the information handling. I nearly ran out of time with the language paper because I wasn't watching the clock and took too long to read the questions but still managed to pass. Be relaxed and good luck !
  12. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ok, thanks. Heading to jackton
  13. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Does anyone know if policing 2026 comes up in the initial interview ? I've got mine next week but wasn't sure if this was one of the things I should be learning, already feel I'm trying to cram a load of info into my head without adding stuff that they won't ask about.
  14. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone got example questions that they will ask for personal effectiveness ? I'm really struggling with that competency as I'm unsure what they are likely to be asking.
  15. Stevo93

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When you say more negative than possitive, do mean like when the outcome didn't go the way you wanted ? Do you have an example of the way they put the question ?