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  1. Thanks for your comments guys. To be more clear: This situation would have arisen from domestic arguing (he finds out she has been having an affair). Would the situation be different if: (a) Regular argument. non-physical. husband locks wife out (out of anger and wont let her in). (b) The argument escalated into physical hitting/slapping (but not violent) but included the wielding of a knife. Would situation (a) be civil? and (b) criminal ?
  2. I have an assignment and I cant find anything online. I am searching for a two separate lists or pie-charts displaying the reasons that police are called out (in the UK). for 999 and 101. ie: Street violence - 60% Robbery - 20% Domestic Violence - 10% Road Accidents - 10% (i made-up the figures above). but i wrote it so you know what type of thing I am searching for. Also: if you happen to be a policeman, then I would also really appreciate if you could give me an approximate break list and percentages (based on your personal experience) PS: i am not talking about Reasons that people call the police (ie: cat in tree). I am talking about actual valid call-outs where police will actually come to a location. Many thanks.
  3. A husband locks his wife out of their home and she cant get in. (maybe from a domestic argument or maybe he found out she was having an affair or maybe she did something that has ruined their marriage and he is emotionally upset and angry). If she calls the police, will they do anything to help her back into her home ? will the husband be cautioned for locking her out ? are the rules different if it happens during the day or late at night ? What if she has no money and nowhere to go ? if she is banging on the front door (to get into her home),, can she end up getting arrested for causing a public disturbance (noise). i really would like to know what the police would do in the above situation. Many thanks