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  1. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone had confirmation of a March start?
  2. I doubt it would help on a "I've been a special I get in" type basis. But it would give you some crucial experiences, which would almost definitely be applicable in the interviews. As a special you will be exposed the day-day routine of an officer and as such will experience similar situations. These situations will naturally hit a lot of the competency descriptors. You will be trained in supporting people, dealing with situations etc. I would surmise that being a special won't speed the process of getting in, however, I think it would give you a lot of experience to draw upon while being questioned about specific competency examples. Of 7 6specials I know, 7 made it to full officer. I'd say that's pretty good odds.
  3. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think we all learn differently. My technique was to write all the competencies on a page and then write all my examples underneath each competency, some of my examples were very weak - but they ended up being used on the day. As it turns out, no example is weak, it's more about how well prepared you are for the inevitable 'trip-up' questions. Once all the competencies had a few examples on the cover sheet I then made an a4 page with STAR headings and bullet-pointed briefly the main points I wanted to mention for each of my examples.
  4. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The questions I received were always awkward, something like; "Describe a situation when you received negative feedback when working with a team" "Describe a time when you had to make an unpopular decision" - "What was the negative impact your decision had on the group" "Describe a time when you gave poor service, or a customer was left unsatisfied with you work"
  5. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Agree with MorkC. A few examples for each competency, positive and negative Take a drink of water before each question to formulate what theyve asked. Don't be scared to stop midway and repeat. And if you have to, ask to restart the question completely. I did this in both my interviews with different interviewers and I made it through.
  6. AberdeenPolicePerson

    March 2018 Intake

    Hi Ashley89, there is a chat (a couple below this one called march intake (Dundee) which has a group of us hopefuls. We also have a whatsapp chat on the go, if you pm me your number I can add you to the WA group
  7. AberdeenPolicePerson

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    I'm keen to get involved
  8. AberdeenPolicePerson

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Nice one Harry. Just 5.4 to beat now!! (formality) I spoke to Abdn recruitment and my vetting was still ongoing last week, but they have contacted my referees as well.
  9. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm 25. I have seen online that the average age for recruitment is mid-20's. Not sure how solid that stat is!
  10. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was asked multiple questions about it. What do you think partnership working is? Why is it important? Name some of the organisations that Police Scotland work with?
  11. AberdeenPolicePerson

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Well good luck! I hope it all goes well for you :)
  12. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Practically identical interview! They try to throw you off in the team buildings by putting your group under pressure and making the tasks feel completely unachievable in the time. It makes the group panic and make rash decisions though!
  13. AberdeenPolicePerson

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Hey Harry, 1) They do weight and height first. If this pushes your BMI too high then they will double check your physique with a waist line check. My BMI is fine but the guy before me was in the overweight BMI category and he had to have his waist measured. 2/3) If there is anything on the form they will ask you about it. If it has been brought up by your Dr then they may quiz you a little more about it on the day. Ultimately they will decide, based on the information you have provided if you are medically fit enough for the job. Good luck, hope this helps!
  14. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Probably taxi (probably around 10 quid), it would likely take over an hour from central. It's on the opposite side of the hospital campus, and it would take a decent 30-45 minutes to reach the centre of the hospital campus.
  15. AberdeenPolicePerson

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done Demerkus. For A/C be sure to contribute. Have a say - get on your knees and do the dirty work - ive heard of people failing simply because they didn't do any physical work at all. Speak to your peers and don't overpower the group. Just be polite, and kind to others and try work in the group as much as you can. Take other peoples ideas, but also try out your own ideas "may be we should try doing it this way?" "Actually your way is better, let's do it your way". The interview was exactly the same, just different people and different questions. Hope that helps