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  1. recon1

    Week in the life

    Thanks for the reply. Do you get out and about much in the role or are you in the station most of the time?
  2. recon1

    Keeping cool or warm

    Yeah, I did think it would be something you would have to just get use to. I'm looking forward to joining the ranks of GMP very shortly.
  3. recon1

    Keeping cool or warm

    Ah, i didn't realise the standard tops did that. Thanks.
  4. recon1

    Week in the life

    Hi, I'm just about to start my new recruit training however I would like to get an honest oppion of life in CID.. I was wondering if anyone could give an example of what it's like to spend a week as a DC. Likes/dislikes/similarities to uniform and things that are completely different. Just a general run down of what you could expect to be doing as a DC. Thanks
  5. recon1

    Keeping cool or warm

    Hi, I'm due to start training this month and i was wondering what equipment you use for keeping cold in summer and warm in winter. Any general tips would be good In summer do you use any base layers or anything to help with sweating. What is the best way of keeping cool and dry? In winter how do you keep warm and what do you wear underneath? Do you get too hot when going back in doors or is there a way to combat this? Thanks for the help.