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  1. Hello, Just wondering if anyone else has their SETs on the 15th May in Aberdeen and who might fancy starting a group chat or maybe meeting up before the exam to share some tips/advice? I don't stay in Aberdeen but I'm traveling up the night before the exams. I did try this before but had no luck - thought it might be a good idea to get to know some people in a similar situation to myself and at the same stage in the process! Thanks
  2. KCB07

    SETs Stage

    Yeah that was why I transferred my application to Aberdeen instead of Jackton as I heard it would be quicker too - fingers crossed!
  3. KCB07

    SETs Stage

    Hi Cammy. I am doing my SETs in Aberdeen on the 15th of May - I have applied to C and P divisions too!
  4. KCB07

    SETs Stage

    Thanks for that - good luck with your interview!
  5. KCB07

    SETs Stage

    Hi! Yeah I actually have those - the set of 3 'Scottish police test' books are good too - you can get them on Amazon and I've been working my way through those as I'm starting run out of past papers now! I also bought some general numeracy test books just to keep me going :)
  6. KCB07

    SETs Stage

    Hello! I am currently at the stage of sitting my SETs in May and I was wondering if anyone is also near/just past this stage? I leave uni in a month and so am leaving a lot of friends behind. It would good to have a chat with some people who are at a similar stage to me in the process to share experiences/tips etc - we might end up in the same intake after all! I know there are already a few group chats going but they seem to be for current intakes so anyone a bit earlier in the process like myself?
  7. KCB07

    SET and Fitness Test

    Fettes won't be doing recruitment anymore as of the middle of March and I was advised that Aberdeen could get me through much quicker than Jackton.
  8. KCB07

    SET and Fitness Test

    Hi, I phoned Aberdeen today to double check and they told me it would just be SETs on the 15th. I've been practicing a lot but never done it officially before :)
  9. KCB07

    SET and Fitness Test

    Hi! Yeah 15th May! I'm traveling up from Falkirk and staying the night before. On my invite it only mentioned the SETs and not the fitness - are they definitely going to both be on that day? It would be great if they are as it would save me another trip up! I had heard that they were usually on the same day but my invite doesn't mention the fitness test at all.
  10. KCB07

    SET and Fitness Test

    Hello! I'm quite new to this site but thought I would reply as I'm in a similar position. All my recruitment stuff is going through North as well and I have just been given a date for my SETs in May in Aberdeen. Not sure when I can expect to go to Tulliallan if I get through but been waiting long enough just to hear of a date for this part so hoping the process will speed up a bit from here!