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  1. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Failed miserably at my interview today. It was more tougher than I thought. My mind drew a blank as soon as I stepped into the interview room! And I forgot everything. First time I have ever done a competency based interview. I think the nerves and stress of it all go to me. Will work on my skills abit more and re-apply in 6 months. Did any one else fail their 1st time?
  2. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    During your interview, was you asked mostly negative questions?
  3. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I can only comment for the Aberdeen process. But when I sat the SET’s they told us about half an hour after the last paper. In the email inviting you to the interview you will get a break down of your scores then.
  4. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’ve got my initial interview on Thursday. Can anyone remember what questions they were asked?
  5. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thankyou for your advice! Greatly appreciated. I will try and pop into my local station this weekend and speak to someone. I have a few examples to mind. Do they say what competency they are assessing before each question? When answering a question, as long as I follow the STAR format and hit 4/5 descriptors then I should be ok? The only thing I will struggle with is thinking of which example to use. Will there be water in the room to sip on and take a moment before answering? How did you prepare for the interview?? Thanks in advance.
  6. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Feeling really nervous! Not had an interview for at least 7 years! Has anyone got any tips? I have prepared some examples for the competencies however should I concentrate more to memorise the descriptors and ‘wing it’ on the day or work on the structure of my examples?
  7. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    My interview has been re-scheduled a month early. So it’s now next week! Anyone else going through Aberdeen?
  8. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just got a date through for my Interview, 28th June in Aberdeen. Anyone else going through Aberdeen? If so how quickly does the process go? Been told that the September intake is a possibility. Also any advice or tips would be very much appreciated for the interview 🙂
  9. G307

    SETs 15th May (Aberdeen)

    I’ve also got SET’s that day. Feel free to drop me a private message.
  10. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just out of interest, when did you first put in your application?
  11. G307

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone got advice for the SET’s? I have been invited to sit them in May. How long after that will the interview be? Im applying for A and N division, I’ve heard they’re quite short of officers and the recruitment process is fairly quick.
  12. G307

    SET and Fitness Test

    I made a disclosure about one of my family members, it took around 6 weeks from initial response to getting dates for my SET’s. Judging from other stories it seemed like a quick turnaround for vetting, possibly down to my preferences being A and N division. I’ve also been vetted by another government agency with my current role so maybe it helped aswell.
  13. G307

    SET and Fitness Test

    Well the email said both SET and fitness test. But the attached letter only mentioned SET’s. So I assume they are both on the same day, no harm in taking your gym kit anyway. Have you done bleep test before?
  14. G307

    SET and Fitness Test

    15th May by any chance? That’s when my SET and fitness is. I better get my prep started then for interview, by the sounds of it the interview will be quite soon after. My application was sent straight to vetting so hopefully won’t have to wait too long for vetting if I’m successful through each of the stages.
  15. G307

    SET and Fitness Test

    Finally got my dates through for SET and initial fitness test after a lengthy wait due to my application going straight to vetting. I am applying through north command, division A and N are my preferences. How soon should I expect my interview to be if successful? I’ve heard the process can be fairly quick with north command.