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  1. Jsuth28

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've applied for N and A divisions my A/C was in Aberdeen. What division are you applying for?
  2. Jsuth28

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, I passed the A/C in February and still haven't got a date for my medical. They told me on the phone that they wouldn't book a date for my medical until they had a place for me at Tulli. I'm hoping for September intake. Has anyone else been told similar?
  3. Jsuth28

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hello everyone! I'm just looking for a bit of info about the assessment centre, I have mine coming up next week. On the website it says the competencys is in this format: Practical exercises: Effective communication Personal effectiveness Team working Respect for diversity Personal awareness Problem solving Interview: Effective communication Personal effectiveness Job knowledge Personal awareness Leadership Partnership working I was just wondering if this is correct or could they ask questions on all the competencys in the interview?