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  1. As above. I have no car, family or capital, I have nowhere to go. I need time to find a home, if I just leave I will be on the streets. I'm not that stupid I'm just staying here for the sake of it.
  2. I have nowhere to move on too, hence why I haven't.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I do want to move on but I'm still in the house with them. They want me out and I fear a similar false accusation is incoming and I feel I need to get my side of things over before that happens. I did tell the arresting officer on the night I wanted to make a complaint of my own but I have been ignored. I do have the video evidence still where she says that she threw herself on the floor 'just like I did last week'. I also have her daughter on video heard saying that she only heard her mother fall (she told the police she saw me push her over) So I think this is pretty good evidence. To be honest I'm more looking for some security, support and simple recognition as the victim and not the perpetrator, from the police, and a smack on the wrists for them rather than a conviction. Thanks
  4. Hi, Some weeks ago I was assaulted by my domestic partner who after hitting me several times pushed me backwards onto the floor, I threatened to call the police but did not. On new years eve we had an argument about this and she admitted she was angry with me and had not forgiven me for threatening to call the police, she also claimed that I didn't fall but actually faked it. Later in the evening she instigated another argument which ended with her literally throwing herself on the floor when she heard her daughter about to enter the room. I was arrested for assault and her daughter claimed that she saw me do it. She did not see anything, I did not touch anyone. I spent 18 hours in a cell and i was extremely distressed throughout. I was released after both did not make a formal statement therefore lack of evidence. As a result of the incident and my detention I'm suffering mentally and I'm terrified that she'll do it again. So I want her to be charged with either wasting police time or attempting to pervert the course of justice and I quote this from the cps: This guidance applies to cases when a charging decision is being made on a person who has made an allegation of rape or domestic abuse and one of the following situations apply:For the purposes of this guidance any reference to rape should be read to include other sexual offences. The person who made the original complaint about whom the charging decision is being made is referred to as "the suspect". It is suggested that their allegation is false; They have retracted their allegation; or They have withdrawn a retraction ["double retraction"]. In these three situations the following two offences should be considered:The guidance below deals with issues common to both offences. References to "relevant offences" should be read as meaning these offences. Perverting the Course of Justice [see paragraphs 28 to 31], and Wasting Police Time contrary to section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 [see paragraphs 32 and 33]. It is clear to me that she has committed an offence but I don't know how to get the police involved. Do I make a complaint to 101 that she has broken the law? It could be argued that this is a civil case but reading above it's clearly not. Can someone help me on what to do and how to have her arrested for this offence? (and her daughter) At this point i should say that i took a video of her after the incident where on that she says that she faked it just like I had faked (she claimed) falling over in the earlier incident. She has basically done to me what I threatened to do to her and thrown herself on the floor to get revenge for something she admits she hadn't forgiven me for. Advice really appreciated thank you.