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Recruitment Pass
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  1. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah. Start before you go up. That would be my best piece advice.
  2. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know how you feel right now. You just want to get going. But you will be up to your elbows in legislation and definitions in no time. Enjoy your free time while you still have it lol 😁
  3. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You have to call within 3 days of your FF to arrange uniform fitting. So it will be 1-2 week after FF.
  4. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hopefully. Get ready for life to change. Haha 😂
  5. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You should be in class for 8 for register then class starts about half past. And it just depends on what you are being taught how long that class runs. Day ends at 17:00 and you go for dinner.
  6. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It's great. First week is a real shock to the system though. And even though it's good you tend to be dead on your feet most days. Days for me tend to be up at 6 and bed at 11 so I'm sleeping a lot less than I used. Your "free time" is not really yours tbh there is always something to study or uniform prep to do. Once a week we go to the bar and unwind a wee bit but it's super busy.
  7. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Only 2 tests up here. Week 1 and around week 6. There are 2 1.5m outdoor runs scheduled as well. The good thing is wee have free run of the PE hall at nights for practice if you need it.
  8. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just to add a wee bit on that. I am up at tulli right now and guys are asked to achieve as close or better to level 10 as possible. Girls it's level 8. I am not up near level 10 as I was always a resistance training person rather than cardio. But plenty of time for improvement when you are up here.
  9. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah some people have a car through spra I believe. Don't know if it's free though. You have to submit a form every week for it.
  10. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    To be honest I'm not. Thats why I posted about 6 hours ago and I'm only just replying. Dont worry about the studying to be honest there are many folks up here with degrees and everyone is in the thick of it. There is so much to study that you have to be efficient with your time. I'm only on week two but started studying straight away. The support of the staff tutors up here is great tho and they want you to do well. If you apply yourself they will supply the means to get you through the course. They also understand everyone is different in terms of studying and try to find your best method. I personally was out of the classroom environment for over ten years so it was a tough first week. But I'm starting to get back into it so don't worry. Hope that helps.
  11. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey guys! I'm at tulli right now. If I can be of any help with queries let me know 😃
  12. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm just going with pen and paper.
  13. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nothing yet.
  14. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Count me in for the WhatsApp group!!🤣
  15. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Looks like I'll be last then 😖