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Recruitment Pass
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  1. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Oh really. I can only imagine what kinda posts your friends would have posted haha.
  2. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just a question to those who have received their final offers. What's the deal with social media accounts. I have heard from folk during the process they had there accounts checked is this true or rubbish? I don't have anything to hide just curious.
  3. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well they are basically asking have you ever acted before thinking. Then if you are aware of how personal awareness works. Basically if you approached the situation in a different way would the outcome have been better.
  4. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah. I was asked along the lines of a time i wasn't aware how my emotions effected my work.
  5. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah i did. There are 4 lots of 2 interviewers at Jackton. So it more than likely be different .
  6. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was asked a question on leadership. I can't remember what though. Its amazing how you manage to fit your answers round the questions asked. Relax and you will be fine. If you script your answers you will knock yourself off if the question throws you. I felt more relaxed second interview.
  7. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was told end of the year was likely in Feb when i passed ac. But if its a year to get there I'm looking at march.
  8. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I done my medical at jackton on feb. Was told if i went for E it would be less wait than my other choices.
  9. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Fingers crossed ill get through in sept considering I'm going for E div.
  10. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cool mate. A bit of good news for you at least.
  11. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Is it a letter or email?
  12. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm hoping for September too. Its a bit of a wait but I'm trying to use the time well. Get the fitness up and get in a few holidays ?
  13. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They may have made changes. But could also end up being the same as your intake. I was told i would be told intake before i go then find out my station the week before pass out.
  14. MRD

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's what i was told. Besides it wouldn't make sense for you not to know. What happens if you decided to wait it out for your first choice division.