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  1. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Congratulations ! What divisions did you apply for ? Can't believe we're sitting at 2019 intakes already ( or will that be Division specific ?)
  2. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The folk from Jackton told us the same at the candidate briefing. They said to remember those on the A/C are not fighting you for jobs and to bear in mind that these are the guys/girls you will likely going through Tulli with. Also that they want us to pass.
  3. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    V which going by the candidate briefings I attended isnt that popular with being the smallest + a pretty rural force. Lothian and Borders was my 2nd but the staff from Jackton were confident we'd all get V if we applied when they came down for the briefings. Better get studying.
  4. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well after them telling us on Friday that they were booked up for interviews right through August with 100 people to schedule before us , I got an email this afternoon with an August 1st interview date. Officially bricking it now.
  5. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Through the SET today. They were telling us that there will be a long wait for the interview as they're scheduled right through August and there were 100 people in line for places before us ( though applicants to high need Divisions will get places quicker)
  6. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Another dumb question. Obviousy the interview / AC etc is a suited and booted job , but what's the dress code for the SET ? Smart casual or formal as well ?
  7. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks. I didn't buy the papers as I only found out last week I'm up on Friday and £80 for the papers when I'd only get a few days use out them was hard to justify. There really isn't any other source of practice literature available online though so that decision may prove the wrong one. The papers on the PS website were relatively straight forward even without a calculator , so fingers crossed.
  8. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So are the test papers on the Police Scotland website an accurate representation of the difficulty of the proper papers ? I know this may be a daft question , but I assume the pens and calculators are provided ? 🙈
  9. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No, the site that is often linked here for selling the SET example papers also has an online content section that Congress with a monthly fee. I just wondered if anyone has used that resource. The papers seem to come recommended but it's £80 or something for the set.
  10. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone else signed up for the members area at Police Training Scotland ? It's the content worth the (admittedly small) fee ?
  11. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks. The initial letter I received on April 26th said the next stage was SET/Fitness assessment , but the one today only mentions SET so I might just email or phone them tomorrow to double check. Thanks again.
  12. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm about 90 mins or so away and it's 9am so I'll just travel up. You say folk just went home after so I assume the tests are first them fitness to follow ? Yeah it's 9am. The email doesn't actually make any mention of the fitness , just says - "I refer to your recent application to Police Scotland and request that you attend at the Scottish Police College-Jackton, Eaglesham Road, East Kilbride on Friday 15 June 2018 at 09:00 hours to undertake the Standard Entrance Test (SET)" Am I wrong in assuming they were done on the same day ?
  13. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Got an email today , heading up for fitness and SET on the 15th 😀 What the parking like at Jackton , it said on the email there is limited spaces ? Also what resources did you lot use for SET practice , I've done the ones on the PS website and some similar ones on other sites , any good recommendations ? Also whats the attire for the fitness/test day , I assume there are changing facilities and showers ?
  14. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How does that question even make sense ?
  15. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How long did you guys wait from finding out you were through the paper sift > sitting the SET's/Fitness ? I received an Email on April 26th saying I was through the initial stage and they would be in contact with a date for the SET/Fitness. Have a holiday booked early July and starting to stress now 😩