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Recruitment Pass
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  1. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm not even counting on getting December yet , I know they still haven't requested references from my current employer and one of them is off on holiday for 2 weeks next month 🙈
  2. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nah mines is the 25th and I know fill who have theirs Monday the 22nd (Aberdeen) and the 26th ( Jackton). Haven't had an email about uniform but I thought it usually comes pretty soon after you pass the FF.
  3. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Gonna be class doing that in the snow in February ( didn't mean to quote you mate , crappy forum package won't let me remove it )😂
  4. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know patience is a trait of great use in a Police Officer but it's not one I'm blessed with. *Grumpily glares at calender again*
  5. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's 4s shuttles 🤣 I mostly just lift these days but still do a 3m run a couple times per week / hill sprint intervals / sprint internals etc just for conditioning. I ran a couple 50m mountain ultras a couple years ago and I'm not sure I could manage 4s shuttles even then. Too many years in construction and playing football. I've actually programmed in more cardio in the run up to Tulli because I don't want some 20yo making me look old 😂
  6. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    25th , I'd think uniform fitting to be pretty soon after. The old level was 9.1 yeah ? 36 and I stopped at 8 because cars were starting to turn up for Sunday football in the carpark id marked my 15m in . I was also a little fragile from last night 🙈 and did a heavy leg day at the gym yesterday so just thought bleh. Only wanted to do one so I knew what was coming on the day.
  7. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did a practice bleep test this morning just to have an idea what is like and was a little surprised how easy it is.
  8. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nah doubt I'll get excited until in know I've got a place on an intake and that I've actually got V. Getting J at this point and having to decline the offer would be a bit of a kick in the guts. Cheers for the info , I'd actually just spoken to my mate who said the same - drop off / pick up at local police HQ , car is free as is fuel etc. But of a bonus really.
  9. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey , quick question. Mate of mine said when he was up at Tulli that they got a car home for the weekend and it was provided at no cost, is that right enough ?
  10. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did they give you any info regarding relocation ?
  11. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Mine is 9am as well , it just said there were a lot of forms to fill out so expect a long wait , early afternoon isn't bad though. FF is on the 25th , looks like the emails started going out earlier in the week.
  12. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So how long of a day is the FF / SMT ,? The email says to make sure you're available for the whole day....
  13. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hearing test , urine sample , go over your eye test and medical form , a couple of motor neurological tests , weight and height etc
  14. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've considered just withdrawing a few times as realistically I can only do my first choice but I might as well see it through now. Cost of living down here isn't bad at all and while not the Highlands it's still a nice region.
  15. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Would you take D&G if you're offered it ?