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  1. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes , I saw it mentioned like 100 pages back and downloaded an app though I'm unsure if they are the correct definitions. If I can find them / someone shared them then I'll definitely start work on them before Tulliannan. Might as well give yourself every advantage you can
  2. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Scottish Police Credit Union Financial assistance is available from the Scottish Police Credit Union in the form of one of two interest free loan offers available to newly appointed officers – this is either in the form of a Standard Welcome Loan of £200 to cover expenses such as travel costs or an essential kit loan of £150 to allow you to purchase everything you need for your first day at the Scottish Police College. The term of the loan is 6 months and payments will be deducted from your first available pay from Police Scotland. Further information regarded these loans is available from the Recruiting Department.
  3. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You get offered an interest free loan to help buy kit , comes off your first wage I believe ?
  4. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It's definitely common. My group the other week had a lad at the AC for the 3rd time and another guy who was on his 4th go and first time at the AC.
  5. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It's in line with what I've always been told by recruitment but then you have folk in here that joined in June saying they had folk only getting their final offer 1 week before Tulliannan and that they didn't get there Division until 2 weeks before college. I'm not doubting their experiences at all , I just always assumed that your division would come with your final offer. I'd imagine that not knowing until after you've had to hand in notice at your current job puts a lot of people in really awkward positions 🙈 Station wise if already been told by the staff who manage probationers in V that is always week 10 or so before you find out your station in V.
  6. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Boo Thanks for the info 👍
  7. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    We're your emails post March signed off from the East or West staff though ? Ie all my mails are from X - Inspector recruitment West
  8. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Does the recruitment team you go through make any difference ? One of my choices is a West Command Division , the other East but I notice all my letters have been signed off by the West Command CI
  9. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Almost zero chance I'd get DFS I would imagine. I'm just crossing everything that I get V at all. I've my medical early Sept then it'll be all quiet until I see if I'm getting into the December intake. Bit of a downer after everything speeding up and having my interviews over a 7 day period then back to months of waiting but it is what it is.
  10. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Dumfries. Jackton is closer to me than Stranraer 😂.
  11. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    A lot of V probationers get Stranraer or at least the West of the region.
  12. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'll likely be December so I'm just sitting patiently waiting to see when you guys find out your divisions compared to when you get your final offers.
  13. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They certainly aren't hanging about with you lot.
  14. Spider12

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You need to be able to name the points and be able to discuss why they'd be important to a police officer. Same with the standards of professional behaviour.