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Recruitment Pass
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  1. Ricey

    MOD to Police Scotland

    The OP is asking if anyones transferred to Police Scotland from being an MOD officer. What was wrong with being a MOD officer?
  2. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks Chris, do similar but not the running part! Ricey
  3. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Whats the 15 to 1s? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the above info. I thought i read on the Facebook page that the MOD were including Scotland on the next campaign? Thanks
  5. Thanks, read the website many times, but wondered what the average day was like in those areas.
  6. Thinking of applying for the MoD Police at the next recruitment drive, but been reading a few stories on here about the job, is there any Beith or Faslane already in the job or new 'probationers' to PM me what its like? Thanks
  7. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hope you all receive your offers before the weekend! I'm still bit behind yous in the process, can't wait for the day I hand my notice in for my dream job!
  8. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks Spider. RR
  9. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just reading the above posts, Do we need to get our eyes checked and a Dr's note to say your fit enough, then on the day of the medical what do they do? Thanks Ricey
  10. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    When you had your initial interviews coming, did anyone feel like nothing was going inbetween the ears or am I too old and been away from the books for too long! 😫 RR
  11. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    haha heres hoping, I'm hoping for U G Q so I'm not sure when they will appear again!
  12. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm excited for you all with recent FF and upcoming intakes and I'm stressing about my initial interview!! 😀 Good luck all!!
  13. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks Spider12!
  14. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done on passing! Can I just ask, in the initial interview, when the ask about the Code of Ethics, are they looking for you to rhyme it all off or just the basics of it? Thanks
  15. Ricey

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for the extra info! I'll take not of that. Good luck on the AC when it comes round!