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  1. Datastuff

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all, Just had my final fitness and SMT invite for 10th August through in Jackton. They seem to be rolling in for people now! Best of luck to everyone!
  2. Datastuff

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi folks, Anyone here applying for Fife as first choice? Passed my AC and medical in March, and got called up for final fitness and SMT in May for the June intake - but I had a holiday booked for July (during training) so I couldn't go. Was absolutely gutted. Desperately hoping to hear something this month regarding the September intake!
  3. Datastuff

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    @GMcc I think I might be classed as a reserve too, because I definitely didn't expect it! I originally applied in June last year, so there must be loads of folk ahead of me. I got the offer after my AC at the start of March, and my first preference is Fife.
  4. Datastuff

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all, First time posting here. Have my final fitness and SMT on Thursday through in Jackton, been given 25th June as a 'provisional' intake date. Wasn't expecting this considering all the issues with the March intake. I take it there's still a chance that even doing the FF and SMT might not guarantee a place on the June intake?