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  1. Ishy96

    Application timescale

    Thanks for the reply. It's okay :) I've passed the police vetting ? *panic over*
  2. Ishy96

    bleep test/Fitness

    Thanks for all the info! Really appreciated ?
  3. Ishy96

    bleep test/Fitness

    Oh no! I weigh quite a lot due to weight training, but I'm definitely not extremely obese as the NHS BMI calculator is saying I am! Apparently my BMI is 34.1
  4. Ishy96

    bleep test/Fitness

    Hey MDPREC ☺️ thanks for the reply! I can't seem to find a link to the waist measurement checks, any idea on what they are or where I can find them? And is the 2 attempts thing happening soon?
  5. Hey guys, new here! Just been given a date for when the Assessment centre will run at the end of April. Now I'm slightly concerned about my fitness. I've done nothing but weights for a year or so, so my BMI has gone up massively and I did a trial of the Bleep test yesterday 15Metre and only got to level 6.1. Do you guys think it's possible to get to 7.6 in around 2 months time? Any replies welcome! Regards
  6. Ishy96

    Application timescale

    After reading all of this I'm now really panicking. I didn't declare my dads fixed penalty points for speeding as I completely forgot to be honest ?