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  1. Stuh1982

    Tablet / Laptop

    Think anything would suffice mate. Guessing it’s to download workload too. Save paper etc. Go fancy with an iPad or something or get the old tablet out the drawer that you don’t use anymore. Shouldn’t make to much a difference. I’m going up in a couple of weeks so can’t tell you for certain.
  2. Stuh1982

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, I was at your final fitness on the 19th too. Heading up for the 26th. Pretty excited. Last day at work today. Cheers Stuart
  3. Stuh1982


    Yeah, a couple of guys have advised me and it also says in the joining instructions that you need parade shoes or boots. Just wondering what the sizing is like with them.
  4. Stuh1982


    I’ve already contacted them regarding discount etc and they seem really helpful. Issue I have is i’m a size 9 and have been told you should go a half size up. They unfortunately don’t have 9.5 in the Aqua. So I either go for the Aqua in a 9 or just the normal P1 in a 9.5.
  5. Stuh1982


    Hi, I’m going to the college at the end of the month and am just wondering anyone’s thoughts on boots. I've been told to just buy 2 pairs of boots as I’ll hardly use the shoes once out of Tulliallan. ive been looking at a few and keep coming back to Altberg P1’s. Does anyone have any experience of these boots? Are they decent? Should I go for the aqua version? How is the sizing etc? Any feedback would be helpful. thanks Stuart
  6. Stuh1982

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Thanks, hopefully a formality and having done it already and passed I shouldn’t be nervous but I obviously am. ????
  7. Stuh1982

    March 2018 Intake (Dundee)

    Had my uniform fitting yesterday, made it much more real. Final fitness next Monday and that should be me. Should have been in the December intake but got pushed to March so going through FF and SMT again, hopefully a formality.