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  1. They were there I think to retrieve property even tho is is being held due to a debt owed to be which is a civil matter so you tell me what they were doing there i dont have a clue. I did not think its an officers job to accuse any person of any thing i thought the process is a complaint is made and the police investigate without bias or prejudice. I am asking "My question here is one of ethics and Officer non bias, is this normal behaviour for police to act this way, also if it is, do you agree as an officer if this is correct behaviour under oath to act this way if you do please comment please explain."
  2. Hello all my first post This happened to me a few evenings ago (The below information was written to my Solicitors a few days after i receive my first letter from them a few days ago it starts "In the letter paragraph 2 you ask me to inform you if I am contacted by the police directly please make you aware of this" and ends "I really don’t know where to turn or what to do".) This is after a voluntary interview a few days before. In the letter paragraph 2 you ask me to inform you if I am contacted by the police directly please make you aware of this. I have been it was very intimidating and it lasted for over an hour with a CSPO firstly banging on my door about 17:15 ish to then two other Police officers over the next hour or hour and half to continue to go away and come back every 10/15 minutes and then again and again and again. threatening me with a breach of the peace charge unless I corporate, without directly saying it I will be arrested for it but by bring this up and all I have done is comply. The CSO said by giving him her work ID he understands its a civil matter and would not be back. The second knock on the door was the female PO and the CSO now demanding a passport saying it was a legal document and I have to hand it over. I gave the CSO ???? her work I.D badge initially to the CSO and after talking with your OCS (on call Solicitor) I handed over the passport and she promised she would not come back and this would be the end of the matter and she agreed or seem to that any other property in my home is a civil matter due to the debt she owes me. I called your office twice and received 2 call backs from the on duty solicitor which seemed to defuse it but after that they kept coming back two more times. I did feel that your ODS felt it was petty and she even said why not just give her, her stuff back and explained this is because of a debt owed to me, and I do not wish her to enter this property with 2/3 police offices and her just saying well that’s mine this is mine ect ect. The money owed to me is ???????, She has also taken/borrowed ???? off my Dad which she promised to pay back at the end of January 8 days ago she has not. (now 10 Days) This is a civil matter not criminal, so I Asked and pleaded with the officers why they where here and my criminal matter is being dealt with by ???? Solicitors, the CPS and PC ???? . Your ODS spoke with me and them twice. I politely kept saying I do not wish to be questioned without my council and this was ignored and ignored several times, with both officers throwing questions at me the female one trying to lean in and be nice at my front door seeming like she was on my side the the male aggressive one bringing up breach of the peace charges and hitting me with questions and trying to provoke a response. I was very intimidated and was shaking and sweating at this point, finding it hard to respond while under threat of basically these Officers taking the matter into there own hands, and calling more officers to my address and pushing with breach of peace Chargers. It felt never ending, I am now whenever in my house since this incident on ???? evening feel that I am waiting for police to start this all up again and be waiting for me when I come home, I feel really intimidated as to the next knock on my door. More happened in this matter finally after the fifth bang on the door I decided I again open it and spoke with the 2 officers who where further intimidating saying this was all being recorded tapping on there cameras on there vest, and any further action was implied as I was going to be arrested. They walked away as, as i was getting my phone out again to call ???? Solicotors but they walked off and I shut the door, 5th time now. I decided to get a change of clothes and clean socks and underwear truly be leaving they are coming back again all this time ???? ex-partner is waiting on the corner in a ???? van with another driver. Basically waiting for the go a head from the officers to rush in to my home and take what they want whilst under the officers supervision. I left my home and went to see a friend around the corner walking clearly past the 3 officers half way down my avenue, they were on there way back again to bang on my door and further intimidate me. As I got to the end of my avenue its only small, this is when I saw the ???? van where the 3 officers had walked from as I walked past them. My friend is only just around the corner and the police car and the ???? van followed me slowly driving behind me following me onto 3 different roads. My friend was actually in his front garden having a smoke and asked me what was is happening and I explained the above to him about what has been happening, for the past hour and a half almost. The police drove past with the ???? van behind very slowly and stopped 100 meters or so on the bend past the house the same police car made 2 other drive byes in front off his house while I spoke with my friend after about half an hour he actually walked me home as reassurance wether they are waiting for me again. Since then he has called me every day several times or I have been round to see him for a chat, to get out off the house as I dread every knock at the door will be them again with further intimidating tactics and threatening behaviour towards me. I don’t know what to do. I believe I am waiting for the next knock on the door and will be arrested for nothing and my home and my privacy invaded. I really don’t know where to turn or what to do. My question here is one of ethics and Officer non bias, is this normal behaviour for police to act this way, also if it is, do you agree as an officer if this is correct behaviour under oath to act this way if you do please comment please explain. If you do not please comment and explain your point of view as well. I have had a answer back from my Solicitors which i will post at a further date. If your are a UK Police Officer thank you for taking the time to read and or respond. Regards