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  1. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Has anyone had any issues at their medical regarding their hearing? If so can you please send me a private message. Cheers
  2. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I waited 20+ weeks after I submitted my application before I heard back. Be patient, it's such a long process. They will be in contact as soon as they can. Hopefully you aren't waiting much longer!
  3. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What divisions did you apply for?
  4. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hello! I've got my medical coming up and I am bit worried as my bmi is border line. I've been working hard to bring it down, however having been a rugby player I am a bit on the broad side. Has anyone had any issues in the past regarding their bmi at the medical stage? If so any advice would be great. Cheers.
  5. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I told recruitment I wouldn't meet the eye sight standard when they phoned me to tell me I had passed my a/c. I had already had my consultation so managed To get booked in quickly for my surgery. Need to wait 6 weeks until you can do your medical.
  6. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, good luck with the a/c. Unfortunately you won't meet the eye sight standard. Look into getting laser eye surgery and get a consultation booked so you know what treatment & price you will be looking at. It's a great investment getting eye surgery, I wish I had mines done sooner!!
  7. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I had to defer it until after I got laser eye surgery. They did offer me a date for a medical when they phoned telling me I had passed my a/c. I phoned earlier this week to get booked in so just waiting on a phone call back. You should phone and try get a date sorted, get the ball rolling.
  8. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I am still waiting for a medical date too mate. I'm sure we were on the same a/c
  9. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm just waiting go for my medical. Good luck with the interview
  10. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You seem to be on the same page as I was on when i was going through my interviews. Speak to probationers in your local area, find out what's happening in the area and also the names of divisional commanders etc. All the job knowledge information is on the Police Scotland website, loads and loads of information to take in from that! Learn about the probation training programme, learn the modules and what you will be doing at tulliallan. Use your local police twitter/Facebook for local priorities and current campaigns. Learn the competency descriptors inside out, if you do this then you can adapt your answer to suit the question if required to do so. Try and write down some positive and negative examples for each competency.
  11. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, I had a look at that book myself and to be honest it doesn't really help if you are applying for Police Scotland. The book is more based on the recruitment process for forces down south. Some of the material I found in the book gave me some tips for the application stage and basically how to conduct myself in the interview. The best advice would be to really go back to the first page of this thread. It's a little time consuming but the information on here is what helped me get through the interviews. Take notes on what you find useful and you will have tons of advice which will help you massively.
  12. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done!! Good luck.
  13. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They will tell you what competency they are assessing before they ask each question. Each answer I gave I followed the STAR method and hit 4-5 descriptors for each answer and it was enough for me to pass both interviews. Water will be provided. I would recommend taking a drink before you answer each question as if gives you a little extra time to gather your thoughts and decide what example to use. The best way to prepare would be to write down a couple of examples for each competency, learn the descriptors and learn as much job knowledge as possible. Just relax and you will be fine. Remember you aren't in competition with others to get a job. If you are good enough you will progress to the next stage.
  14. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You could sit and type up numerous examples and none of them could be relevant to the question. Learn the descriptors and try and hit 4 or 5 in each answer. You will probably find you may need to "wing" it. Take a minute to think about a relevant honest answer, but don't lie to them, remember they are or have been Police officers so they probably will be able to tell if you are telling lies. Follow the star method and you will be fine. Ensure you get as much detail in as possible in the "action" part of your answer. When you get to the "result" try and include something that your learned about yourself or even if you would have done something differently. Remember that they aren't looking for You to save the world with your answer, just make sure you answer the question they ask you. Don't ramble on if they are sitting in silence, If you feel you have answered the question then stop talking. The job knowledge questions could be anything so get on the website and take in all the information you can about the force and what's going on in your area. If you have time or haven't already done so, go in and speak to someone at your local station (preferably a probationer) it will help you alot. I met with two separate probationers before each of my interviews and the information they shared was excellent. Good luck when it comes.
  15. Foxtror123

    Laser eye surgery

    Hey, I got laser eye surgery last week so that I could meet the eye sight standard. I had it done through optical express and the results have been excellent. I Wish I got it sooner to be honest. It was a pretty pricey but the price depends on your prescription etc. I would recommend it. I haven't had any negative side effects, just some moderate pain for a couple of hours after the surgery and sensitivity to light. Other than that I had better than 20/20 vision the next day.