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  1. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    It should be one of the divisions you have put down as a preference otherwise they would have told you they were lacking numbers for other divisions. Worth while asking if they can give you some clarification regarding posting. We are all waiting to hear where we are getting posted so they should be able To give you an answer. Better get your running trainers out & get a couple of bleep tests in!! Good luck
  2. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Do what you think is best for you. March is a long time away so who knows how many spaces will be available for that intake. It would be horrible to turn down a chance for December in the hope you get in in March and then you don't get in because they don't need as many officers or your division isn't in demand. Speak to your family/friends and then make your decision. There's a what's app group with the link in this thread if you need any more info. Good luck.
  3. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Congratulations, well done.
  4. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Well done on getting though everything within such a limited period. I was speaking to someone last week at my uniform fitting and they have been pushed through within 3 weeks start to finish. There seems to be a high demand this intake so fingers crossed you get an offer. Good luck.
  5. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Got my final offer through today!
  6. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Good luck with your final exam, you should be fine if you have managed all the rest. Is training really that enjoyable? You should be buzzing to get started out on shift. All the best.
  7. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Primark, couple of quid. Sorted. Not the best but they should do for up at the college. What boots have you went for?
  8. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    I didn't find out about my vetting until my final fitness. I asked there and then if I had anything outstanding and was informed my vetting was complete. As above, no news is good news.
  9. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Well done! When was your final fitness?
  10. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Finish on the 21st of December & return on the 2nd of Jan. Although I'm not sure if it's start back classes on the 2nd or return the evening of the 2nd. Suppose we will find out up there.
  11. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    I only had mines on Friday so just awaiting Smt results & then that should be me! Hopefully not much longer. Well done on getting Your final offer.
  12. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Congrats, when was your final fitness / SMT?
  13. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Not for me, had my uniform fitting today and my reference has been sent to recruitment from my current employer. FF/SMT last Friday so fingers crossed I get my offer on Friday.
  14. Foxtror123

    December Intake Thread

    Here goes to a week of refreshing emails
  15. Foxtror123

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I have my final fitness test on Friday so fingers crossed I am in the December intake. It has been such a long process.