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  1. Blacly7004

    Anyone heard anything ??

    Yeah dont give up now your this far !! I did my A/C in Jan and my medical a few weeks ago, last time I spoke to HR they said may intake was full and the June one was waiting for allocation places from each site. That was 2 weeks ago. Hate playing the waiting game I just hope it's not months and months.
  2. Blacly7004

    Anyone heard anything ??

    Ah that's unlucky hopefully you'll be okay, and hopefully it won't cost you an arm and a leg !! Just out of curiosity when did you do your A/C ??
  3. Blacly7004

    Anyone heard anything ??

    I'd personally give them a phone call every week or two that's what I'm doing, I no they have a lot of medicals going on over the next few weeks so I'd assume after that you would be able to get a quicker response. But I can't say as o didn't get referral so I can't comment on time frames.
  4. Blacly7004

    Anyone heard anything ??

    I've done everything. I'm waiting for a training start date. Hate the waiting game.
  5. Just wondered if anyone had heard anything ? I've done everything heard there was an intake in May and June ??
  6. Blacly7004

    May 2018 Intake

    No mate, just a fitness test, competency based interview, written test and finally a fire arms test. Everything is relatively easy and it's a quite chilled atmosphere. The only thing id say is learn the core competencies for policing and incorporate them into your answers. And also use the star technique if you do that you can't go far wrong. Try and listen to the question fully to see what the assessors are asking for a main competency, I.e teamwork but also include the other 5. Learn the cnc' s mission I used it in one of my answers and read the site extract all the good information and use them in your answers And remember sell your self don't sell everyone else around you make the answers about you.
  7. Blacly7004

    May 2018 Intake

    Oh right well at least you've finally got your start date ! Passed my medical today now to play the waiting game.
  8. Blacly7004

    Speed awareness course

    Hi guys, one of my friends has received a speed awareness course, This has triggered me to remember I done one a few years back. Problem is I haven't declared this as I completely forgot about it. Do you need to declare speed awareness courses as it doesn't ask about them on my vetting forms ? Regards blacky
  9. Blacly7004

    May 2018 Intake

    Good luck mate, it's not as bad as it looks
  10. Blacly7004

    May 2018 Intake

    I wish got my medical in the next few days, when did you apply ? And roughly how long after your medical did they offer you an intake date ?