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  1. The discussion is not my main concern it the forging of my wife's signature that bothers me most.
  2. Recently we found out that our son’s school had been discussing him with East Cheshire Educational Psychology team, As we had never given permission for this we ask them how come they had done this without our knowledge or consent. After a slightly heated telephone conversation the school emailed us a scanned consent form with my wife signature on. When we looked at the signature we noticed that the signature didn’t look right and my wife also didn’t remember ever signing it. The information on the form regarding our son’s timetable was incorrect as to the date of the form. As we didn’t want to have another row with the school when it would only be our word against theirs we sent the form to Paul Craddock a forensic handwriting specialist, as we suspected the signature came back a forgery. When we made a formal complaint to the school it was dismissed the very next day as they said that we didn’t have any evidence of it being a forgery so it must be my wife’s signature. At this point we also pointed out that the date on the form had been filled in incorrectly, and were told that the form had been altered at a later date to reflect his current timetable. The head teacher also told me that if I keep making unfounded complaints that as she has a duty of care to her staff my sons place at the school would be at risk. After we challenged the head response the school governors accepted it was a forged but said they didn't know who forged it and was unable to investigate it any further so their investigation was closed. As it was a catholic School we then asked the diocese of Shrewsbury to investigate without success. My question is would the police get involved in this matter as no money has been lost?