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  1. nb11

    Police Scotland June intake 2018

    Iā€™m currently outwith so lots to get organised in the next few weeks. Has anyone bought boots yet? I was looking at magnums but not sure which version to go for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. nb11

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Final offer received today also. Looking forward to meeting everyone at Tulliallan. šŸ˜€
  3. nb11

    Police Scotland June intake 2018

    Hi. I've just got word today that I will be in the June intake also. Very excited to be heading to Tulliallan its all so real now. šŸ˜
  4. nb11

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I had A/C and final interview in Jan and got a leadership question so Iā€™d definitely advise you to have something prepared just in case. Good luck for the interview!!
  5. nb11

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Excited I'm in the same boat have applied for E division but have been going through A for all of the recruitment stages. Just received my email for ff & smt today also on 30th April! No word of an intake date though. Here's hoping its June, the waiting is the hardest part.