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Recruitment Pass
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  1. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’d agree with the other guys re initial interview, better understanding what competency descriptors they’re looking for - think of a good few examples for each competency so you have options if the question doesn’t fit. Think about negative questions too because that threw me. ‘Think of a time __ didn’t work well’ etc. It’s amazing what you’ll remember on the spot. The recruitment guy on the day of my SET’s said there’s no harm in literally saying ‘the situation was x , the task I had was x , actions were x etc and always good to add some reflection on the end as to what you could do better or learn from the situation. Good luck everyone at that stage 🙂
  2. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just seen this loucon I was in the same boat, really knocked my confidence in June when I failed. I felt I’d done well at interview, my group were quite loud with lots of leaders but I still tried to listen and contribute. I phoned for feedback and they said the same : I came across well in interview but 2 of my group exercises let me down I needed to get in there more. I was pretty upset but I’m over it now and will be reapplying in December - did you get your feedback? My group consisted of at least 3 people who had failed before and were back and I’d say out of the 20 of us overall 1/4 we’re back for a second go. So it sounds pretty common 🙂
  3. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It was a really strong group everyone was keen to lead and talk, so quite hard to get in there. Pretty gutted now I’ve left work and thinking about it! Hard process but suppose I’ve got this far, at least can be proud of that. 🙂
  4. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think it was the mornings group exercises to be honest but I need to call and get my full feedback. Thinking of the special constable offer until I can reapply in December - does anyone have thoughts on that?
  5. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Failed A/C this time, thanks for all the help though 🙂
  6. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's really useful thank you, I was preparing either way. One last one and then I'll shut up I promise😊 - is effective communication assessed throughout as aposed to a question, like the first interview? Thanks everyone really appreciate your input.
  7. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You're probably right, I'll have a good look at those. Thanks!
  8. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    A/C tomorrow ,last minute question for you guys if you don't mind, I went pretty deep on job knowledge for my first interview and it was beneficial - but now I'm at the final interview I'm struggling with what else to cover. Suppose my nerves are just kicking in now :)
  9. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good luck! It sounds like it varies from person to person ... if you've done your homework I'm sure you'll be just fine. I've heard from officers still in probation to its a good day and you're more relaxed in the afternoon by the time interviews come so enjoy it. Also remember, its an intake and not 1 spot you're going for so the odds are good and the officers want you to pass :) you can do it! Let us know how it goes, sure I'll be just as nervous Thursday night.
  10. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That was specsavers I went to for the eye test, I'm booked in for laser eye surgery 4th July now with optical express. Just need to see how I get on with my A/C and final interview on friday and go from there. Just casually changing everything about myself to be a police officer haha, will be worth it though
  11. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well the optician says I’m 6/48 and there’s not much difference between that and 6/36. She’s probably just trying to make me feel better lol. On to surgery then..
  12. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Cheers everyone I’m heading in to the optician tomorrow and booked in for a consult for surgery Friday. Fingers crossed!
  13. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks everyone I’ll go speak to them. Did you get deferred medically then or do you just fail? I can’t believe I never noticed this!
  14. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Is anyone going to the A/C and interview on 22nd June? Question also for the guys who have passed the optician part - I’m -5.50 and wear contact lenses to correct my vision/sometimes glasses. I’ve just noticed on the info on the website it’s on about uncorrected vision (and visual acuity whatever that may be) anyone had issues with passing this? Assume these days there’s a load of police officers with glasses and lenses but it made me wonder, I’m obviously short sighted and without these I’m visually challenged for sure!! Oh the stress, any help appreciated as always 🙂
  15. Kirst8565

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Relief! Kind of, thanks guys appreciate your help!