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  1. Hi mate. 

    Do you have any advice for the CnC assesment center ? Also did you have to do a telephone interviee when you joined? 



  2. Hi Mate,

    Sorry to bother you like this. I'm a special currently serving in a HO force and have applied for CNC at Harwell.

    I have my telephone interview this Friday and am just wondering if you know anything about what to expect? maybe you know some people who have recently been through the recruitment process?

    Also if you know anything about CNC assessment center and what it involves that would be great as i have seen so many different answers on here.

    Any advice would be much appreciated :)


    1. bodkd



      The telephone interview is new. I didn’t have to go through that. The assessment centre when I done it was a fairly relaxed day I found. 

      The assessment day:


      On my assessment day which was Feb 2017 I did not have any maths test. 

      Fitness test - bleep test 7.6

      Firearms, body armour handling and following instructions. 

      Observation scenario. Video watching and then complete a written detailed report on what you observed. 

      Interview aligned with the role profile of the AFO job role. 

      That was the afternoon for me. Hope that helps. 

      I am currently training. 7 working days till graduation. Hope the evolve helps.