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  1. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    This is already the longest week ever!!!!! Not long back from my fitting, so surreal being all kitted up 😁
  2. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah exactly! I was in the second group, but I think it was the waiting about for the forms to be checked etc that just made the day go so slow. So glad it's done. Was so nervous and the minute the bleep test was over I was so calm 😂
  3. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How exciting for everyone! It did turn out to be a long day. Booked my fitting for next week as well its getting so real now 🙂
  4. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done 😁 I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over!
  5. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    This was good to read. I've been worrying past few weeks whilst practicing with my other half, hit the wall about 6.5 and can definitely feel it affecting my performance as I'm not getting to where I'd like to be(I think I was about 7.7 in my initial fitness, although that was Jan '17). Hopefully on the day the adrenaline will kick in as well and give that extra push.
  6. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've no idea then as I received my FF date a few weeks back and only on Friday just gone did I get my self dec form sent out to me.
  7. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I thought once the self-declaration form was sent back that they'd start it quite shortly after that. Hopefully get an indicator on the FF day.
  8. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Also very simple, but at my initial interview I was asked 'What does diversity mean to me and why is it important?' and asked to list all of the protected characteristics. No competency based question to follow up, so just make sure you have that in the back of your head should they go down the easy route. It threw me a bit actually as like yourself, I'd been preparing answers based on the descriptors rather than a basic answer required for those questions.
  9. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah Jackton for me 🙂
  10. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    15th for me as well! Eek!!!
  11. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I don't think I've refreshed my e-mails so much as I have in the past few days haha! Still not received anything though. What sort of things have you heard have changed up at the college?
  12. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm just waiting on final fitness. Hopefully vetting has gone through already. I was initially Fettes and then got transferred to Jackton with the changes in process.
  13. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Debs, It's one of those things that I feel as soon as I book something I'd find out. It's strange that they are asking people to move into Q when it's not currently available to apply for. Hopefully this is a good indicator for you. I was thinking of changing from J to another but I'm not sure whether to give them a call to discuss or not. I've only been waiting since March so I'm hoping you'd be prioritised given your wait.
  14. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That's good news! When did you pass a/c? My friend got the same phone call but wasn't advised of what division she'd go to. Getting nervous now though as I'd been waiting a bit longer than her, but don't know if that means I've been given one of my two preferences or if I'm going to miss this intake. I've been wanting to book a holiday for a while but have been holding off in case anything came through.
  15. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Sorry to hear that! I was in the same position as yourself. 100% take their feedback on board as that is what helped me 2nd time around. Another thing that helped was the fact 2 out of the 3 group exercises were the same as the initial attempt, so you can bring out ideas and know the challenges of the task without actually giving too much away that you have been there before. Funnily enough I thought my 2nd attempt went worse but feedback must have helped me massively. Although you might still be nervous you will no doubt be a lot more confident next time around as you know the format of the day. I'd also say that even if you do have louder/leader types in your group, doesn't always mean you have to go with their ideas. Challenge if you feel it appropriate, even if group doesn't decide to use your idea it will definitely be picked up on by the assessors that you contributed. 6 months will go quickly no doubt so keep your application up to date with anything new so it's ready to go. Good luck 🙂