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  1. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Brilliant news guys!
  2. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I'm sure I was the day after you, which I don't understand now what way they are being allocated. My main worry was my notice and didn't want to mess my manager around with it all.
  3. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Feeling your pain! My manager is starting to get a bit anxious about finding a replacement before I leave. *just refreshed and I'm no longer anxious! It's there 😊Hopefully yours will be not long off.
  4. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    At least you know where you stand which is good. I still don't understand the character reference being required after being told references were clear and also very last minute. My manager has only just sent his back today so by the time they process it I'm sure it'll be a longer wait then I'd hoped. I don't envy their job just now though, must be manic sorting through everyone's details x
  5. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    From reading about the June intake I think majority of offers will come out on Monday now, which would be exactly 4 weeks. I'm in the same boat as you and in the position I'm going to have to use unused holidays/unpaid leave to fulfil my 4 weeks notice which isn't ideal. I had to phone twice yesterday to chase my reference issues and they did not sound impressed if I'm honest and made reference to how busy they were and emails flying about all over the place. I'd maybe leave it until Monday afternoon if you can hold off at all x
  6. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How exciting for you! My friend was previously asked to go to J division(3rd div) and she had a call asking if she'd rather her first choice of E as spaces were now available. They know where they want to place everyone, I suppose it just gives them extra time to adjust should anyone no longer be available etc.
  7. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You must have been sitting near me at some point at the FF as I remember you speaking about getting your tattoos covered. Hopefully they'll be happy with what you've decided to change them to :)
  8. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Last week - confirmed going through my forms that both were fine, but apparently the character reference was missing. Still waiting on my manager receiving it today. Safe to say, I don't think I'll be meeting my notice period.
  9. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    This is torture!! Had a phone call today about character reference that's outstanding, but at FF my references were fine Just waiting for my manager to receive the request to get it sent back in asap.
  10. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    😂 Yeah I don't think that would go down too well ha! I'll clarify it was definitely the starter kit loan lol
  11. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I felt a bit of an imposter the other day. Was VERY hot as well 😂 once I get the letter I think I'll phone about the kit loan. Definitely worth doing I reckon.
  12. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So glad I wasn't the only one. Everything else felt fine except the hat! A friend of mine received a phone call about posting preference again today. Hopefully that means just finalising everything for offers to go out soon.
  13. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    This is already the longest week ever!!!!! Not long back from my fitting, so surreal being all kitted up 😁
  14. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah exactly! I was in the second group, but I think it was the waiting about for the forms to be checked etc that just made the day go so slow. So glad it's done. Was so nervous and the minute the bleep test was over I was so calm 😂
  15. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    How exciting for everyone! It did turn out to be a long day. Booked my fitting for next week as well its getting so real now 🙂