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Recruitment Pass
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  1. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Have you heard anything at all since your medical? I've only been about 6 weeks since my medical but it'd just put my mind at rest to have an indication of a potential intake.
  2. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    What divisions have you applied for? I wonder if that is causing the delay. I was given a date on my initial call after a/c.
  3. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, I was at the same assessment day at the end of March. When I had the phone call informing me I had passed, I was offered a medical date there and then. I'd wouldn't have imagined my reference handed in the day before would have got back so quickly, but seems they may have given the above. Definitely give them a ring though and see if you can get booked in. I had to wait for GP forms before confirming but diary was quite open any time I discussed dates with them.
  4. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just keep it in mind as a back up option if all else fails. Keep focused on being prepared for your interview in the assessment day. You've already passed one interview so you can do it again and it can really help gain back any points you might lose from the group exercises in the morning 😀
  5. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Mark, When I failed my first assessment centre, I was offered to join as a Special so it should be an option for you. Unfortunately I was unable to commit time to this with my full time job so I had to decline. Good luck with your assessment centre, fingers crossed you make it through!
  6. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Here's hoping for you. Everything up until this point has been very quick, but the waiting game has began it seems. This thread will be useful though with updates from everyone.
  7. KP07

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all, just joined the site after realising this thread existed! Passed my medical earlier this week, hoping to get E or J division, but very surprised at how long some of you have been waiting since provisional offer to final offer. I was hoping for September intake which looks unlikely now. At least I will have enough time to keep the fitness levels decent :)