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  1. kirsty05

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I applied for E and J
  2. kirsty05

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for some advice, I sent my application away nearly 14 weeks ago and not heard anything back yet. Should I wait a little longer or do you think I should give them a call? Thanks Kirsty
  3. kirsty05

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah my mind just went completely blank, my first interview was at Jackton and I felt more at ease with the two ladies that were interviewing. Then at my interview at fettes, I felt bit more on edge due to being with two very senior officers. If you have any more questions you are more than welcome to pm me.
  4. kirsty05

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thank you for the response. I’ll leave it till I’m back from my holiday in a few weeks then my give them a ring. Good Luck with your Training!
  5. kirsty05

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi there, Ive been following this forum for a little while. I did previously make it to the Assessment Centre last year but unfortunately failed. I have couple of questions if anyone could help. I was just wondering how long it is now from them receiving your application to finding out results of paper sift. My other question was that when I went through the process last year I received an email from east command saying they had received my application. This year I have on had one saying my application was sent but nothing about them receiving it. Just checking is the pretty normal for others? Thanks for any help