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  1. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know!! It’s feels surreal after such a wait!! Yes we have a good amount of time to get on it and get plenty of bleep tests in! Be nice to meet you on the day 😊
  2. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes I would definitely agree with that. You need to be quite specific. Know your standards of professional behaviour and also your national and local priorities, I was asked about that. This might seem silly but I think it’s really important that they get to see a bit of your personality. So try and relax and be yourself - easier said than done I know. Good Luck!
  3. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Oops I didn’t realise people had all posted about FF emails....I thought it was a bit quiet 😄I am on 14th Aug. Is everyone at Jackton?
  4. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi folks Has anyone received and email re FF and SMT in Aug? I got one this morning.
  5. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hiya, I feel so similar to you, I have somehow managed to stress myself out at every stage of the game. I feel like I won’t believe I’m in till I’m actually unpacking my case at Tulli. I have been keeping myself fit etc but hadn’t done the actual bleep test in quite a while....tried it today and I was so rubbish. Better get practicing that from here on in!lol. Ur right so much if it is mental and I found it much better doing it with others on the actual day. It’s daunting going for such a big life change, but if you have been working towards it for so long it will be great!
  6. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hur Thanks for all the info and help Hutclis, really helpful and interesting to hear what it’s actually like up there!
  7. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well here’s hoping.... 😊I know next year seems a long way away but it will fly in!! I feel they r really testing how much u want it with such long wait times! Did u have a second and third choice or jst a second?
  8. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That’s a big help...thanks for that! I thought it might be exactly a month before and no earlier. R u enjoying Tulli? I heard they have amped up the pressure now...
  9. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes it definitely is...I think that came into force on 25th May or something. My understanding is they can’t vet you and keep it on file so they only do like in the 3 months before or something....I’m not totally sure about timescales. But I do think we must be approaching a FF etc...
  10. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes, me too. Mine asked me to resubmit a vetting form as I had completed it in 2016 and no longer valid. Really hoping this means FF soon and a sept start date!!! Fingers crossed....again!
  11. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anybody had been given an indication of when they give you your formal/final offer...? Assuming you pass FF etc.
  12. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah I found that really odd seeing as you can’t actually apply for it at present...something must have changed short term I think.
  13. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes that’s a good idea. I think I need to have like a plan A, B and C!! Keeping everything crossed for sept tho!
  14. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi I am in the same position as you...Really want a holiday but I’m worried about booking anything at all in case something come through but its been like that the whole process really. I actually put Q as my 2nd choice so I’m really hoping that I might get on Sept intake. I guess we will maybe find out some more in a week or so. I passed my A/C last Sept. What about you?
  15. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks, I really hope I hear something soon. It feels like such a long wait. Where did u apply for and when u hoping to hear?