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  1. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Right are we all PM Stevo93 our numbers for this WhatsApp group?
  2. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So glad you have too!! Was keeping my fingers crossed! X
  3. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Got mine in too, what a relief!! A WhatsApp group sounds like a great idea!
  4. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Nope 😕 I spoke to them yesterday and everything is back and all looking ok so just waiting on them sorting out the offer part.
  5. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Aw I know. Who knows I may be waiting with you...haha! Have you got tattoos to alter?
  6. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Oh is it? That’s good news for you I’m sure it’s a big relief. When did you have your FF? To be honest, I’m getting myself all strung up and I’m sure it will be fine and they are just all coming out at different times, I need to be rational (and patient) about it.
  7. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ah I’m the same, still waiting on those results to come back! I doubt it’s coz something has come up, they will be looking for illegal substances etc. I take paracetamol and ibuprofen and I put that down but don’t think that will be an issue for us. I know we were on the same day so perhaps the candidates from that day and after that day haven’t came back yet...? That is probably the most likely explanation but like you I’m starting to feel bit anxious about it all. I feel stuck in limbo! Let’s hope we hear by tomorrow. My work will not be ok about so that’s another stress. But hey, there isn’t much we can do about it....😕
  8. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hiya, did I give them a call in the end? What is the latest for you? I’m finding it hard today, checking my emails constantly which is such a waste of time but just feeling a bit anxious! I know the FF dates were organised alphabetically and so perhaps the drugs test were sent off in that order and maybe coming back in that order, if that makes sense?
  9. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well...I bit the bullet and called. They are still waiting on my character reference. My boss emailed me on 10th Aug to say that he had completed it and emailed them. They are also still waiting on my drugs test to come back. So I’m now thinking it could be some time until I hear. I’m the same, I’m going to have to come to some agreement with my boss and use any renaming holidays etc and try and get round it. It’s very frustrating. I’m glad I called though otherwise I’m not sure when I would hear about the references. I do hope you hear on Monday and things are sorted for you! X
  10. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi folks I’ve just got a question for all those still waiting on final offers....I really need to be handing in my notice today and Police Scotland are as you know aware of our notice periods. Do you think giving recruitment a call is a bad idea? I know they said they don’t want people calling them etc but I have a friend at Tulli just now who was in a similar situation and has strongly advised that I call them...I’m just not sure what to do and I know many of us are in the same boat. I’m not sure how long we wait before we should be chasing it up. Any thoughts?
  11. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I know exactly how you feel but don’t worry too much if you can help it. They have so many candidates to go through so there will likely be a bit of time between when one person hears to the next? Perhaps it’s also because they are still trying to firm up divisions for people. I am in the same boat, my notice has to go in tomo and my heart sank a little when I heard some people had their offers. You do panic a bit. We have got this far, we will be grand 👍🏻It is frustrating - hopefully some more final offers will be going out tomo! X
  12. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for the advice and info about definitions! My friend who is at Tulli just now strongly advised this. Thanks for the link too...a bit of light reading to enjoy! Haha.
  13. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I think it would be an email as everything else has been in the form of an email. I know, I’m the same, I kee refreshing them just in case. I don’t know why coz I really doubt we would hear anything before Friday. I’m just off for my uniform fitting 😁nothing can look worse than my current uniform so I’m on the up already!
  14. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah mine is tomorrow. Looking forwards to seeing the uniform on. It would be great if the formal offers came in a wee bit earlier than expected. But that might be asking too much! Lol!
  15. Debs2020

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I feel exactly the same!! Once I’m there and only then will it feel real!lol. I applied in Nov 2017 so I know what you mean about the long wait. Are you required to give 4 weeks notice? I’m hoping I’ll hear this week 🤞🏻