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  1. My advice would be to contact the Met directly and ideally by email so you have a paper trail. Their email is metpolicerecruitment@penna.com. I would state your case as you have done above and see whether you can appeal their decision? Are you sure you haven't clicked incorrectly on an eligibility question?
  2. The initial 'hypothetical situation' wouldn't be harassment as it's 2 or more instances. As originally stated if the officer has grounds to believe that the hypothetical person has committed a crime then they can use powers to continue following. I very much doubt that an officer would stop following somebody because they asked (if they suspect that they are involved in wrongdoing.)
  3. Hi @HopefulH Not being an officer I can't confirm that the information I'm about to give will definitely work, however I would contact the officer in case regarding the matter and speak with them regarding this. Further than that I would speak with a solicitor whether that be through a private solicitor of your choice or by going to the citizens advice bureau who can arrange a sit down for you with a solicitor so you can get advice. I'm not aware of your personal circumstances but would always state that any form of assault or abuse is wrong and you should seek assistance whether this be via the police or through domestic abuse teams and charities.
  4. XA84

    Contact Centre Advisor (999 and 101)

    That's not a problem we are hear to help after all. I worked further afield than the Met so can't really comment on them directly as I know they have their own command and control system (logging systems). Best thing to do is just go in there and just be yourself, perhaps listen to a few calls of 101 and 999 on YUutube or other resources then practice with your family going through one, think about the questions you'd ask someone if they were going through an emergency and needed the police. (I can't definitely confirm a pretend call will be part of their test but that's what I would likely think they'd do) I can't stress this enough - DON'T PANIC as that's when your head goes and you lose your train of thought. Let us know how you get on. Remember be yourself and stay calm 🙂 XA84
  5. XA84

    Contact Centre Advisor (999 and 101)

    Hello Steve, do you mind me asking which force this is for? In a previous life I was a Police call handler dealing with the very same styles of calls that you are applying for 999 & 101. Typically you will have the typing test, which most forces expect around 25-30wpm, you can test yourself by using an online test just type typing tests on google and you'll have hundreds of different results, a favourite of mine is https://play.typeracer.com/ . I would also expect that you will do some form of role play so you'll perhaps do a pretend call to see how you interpret, process and deal with stressful situations. In honesty it's a hard question to answer due to the fact each force is different so will have differing standards and assessments.