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  1. SleeplessintheSouth

    Protection from Harassment

    Incidentally, I am a 55 year old female, whose parents are both in their mid eighties.
  2. SleeplessintheSouth

    Protection from Harassment

    She did not 'walk by and smirk'. From my peripheral vision I saw her stop, stare and then laugh out loud. Unfortunately there was no one else to witness this behaviour.
  3. SleeplessintheSouth

    Protection from Harassment

    The 'rumours' were not anecdotal, I overheard the conversation, and the lady to whom the malicious lies were spoken told the PCSO exactly what was said.
  4. SleeplessintheSouth

    Protection from Harassment

    Thank you for your reply. She did not 'ask' me to decorate. She demanded I paint the entire exterior of my house. She has been told previously by a PCSO not to let her visitors block my garage. She is not spreading 'rumours,' she originated malicious lies in a bid to alienate me from people.
  5. In April 2017 my neighbour (this is a vague use of the word as by property backs onto hers, and is separated by my garden and a block of three garages) put her house up for sale; after it had been on the market for only a few weeks she came to my home and demanded that I paint my home and landscape the garden, as this was preventing her property from selling. My home is not even visible from her property. My property was in good order, and I refused. Since that time several properties nearer to mine and within eye-line have sold. No other neighbour has found any fault with my property. Since that time my neighbour has been harassing me; allowing her visitors to park in front of my garage, (a garage used by my disabled father), despite 'no parking signs.' The block is a shared one, but with a right of way to the garages. My mother had a massive stroke this March, and the GP told me I would not be able to accompany my mother in the ambulance, and should follow on by car, as this time I discovered my garage to be obstructed by a van visiting my neighbour. I have now learnt via a third party, who is prepared to say what she was told, that my neighbour has started telling malicious lies that I am being investigated by the police for harassing and stalking an elderly, vunerable lady, and that I am banging on the wall of my adjoining neighbour, late at night, demanding money, and that I am buying people gifts in a bid to buy friends. None of these allegations have any base in truth. My solicitor told me to report this, along with the garage obstruction and the demand to paint my house, to the police as harassment, under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. A PCSO was sent to investigate, an investigation that was riddled with errors, including stating that my neighbour was expressing an opinion. I asked the PCSO via email how telling a malicious lie could be an opinion and she refused to answer. The PCSO was clearly biased in favour of my 'neighbour,' even when I pointed out to her that she had been lied to. The PCSO said to solve the obstruction of the garage my father should park in the street. My neighbour now has free reign to lie and harass me as she pleases. I passed her recently in a local shop; and she stared and laughed at me - very unusual and disturbing behaviour. I am a carer 24/7 for my disabled parents, as well as working full-time from home. This neighbour is causing me great stress, anxiety and insomnia. My GP has arranged counselling for me, but this will not start for another fortnight. I am at my wits end at what to do. I fear passing this neighbour in the street because of her disturbing behaviour. If she sees me in my garden she stands and laughs. Were it possible to move I would do, but my mother is too ill to move at present. I believed the police were there to protect me, not make matters worse.