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  1. Boxermad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks ! D would be mine too but I'm keeping my options open. I would prefer not to have to move but I will see what is available if I get through. How far on with the recruitment are you ?
  2. Boxermad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good luck ! It seems to take forever and I'm only at the beginning. Has it been a long time going through for you ?
  3. Boxermad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks ! Feel so out of my depth with the Police recruitment. This thread has been great though and everyone is really helpful. Are you far on in the process ?
  4. Boxermad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No medical date yet but my SET is on the 18th of December. I hate it so I wanted to check rather than chicken out when the time comes ! I have applied for C, D, E, G, L & P. I can relocate or travel so decided on a broad spectrum!
  5. Boxermad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Phew ! Don't want to pass out & look like a nugget 😂 thanks so much
  6. Boxermad

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi, I'm just wondering about the medical. I hate getting bloods taken - do they take blood and is it lots ? Thanks 🙂