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  1. Livi147

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Much appreciated. Will work hard on this 👍🏻 Any examples of this?
  2. Livi147

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did you re-write the descriptors then learn them in an easier sentence? Only reason I ask this is I have a book that has differently written descriptors from the website. For example the book says for the competency ‘effective communication’; • Communicate effectively in writing and verbally The website says- • speaks clearly and concisely. •uses correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are ten descriptors on the website for Effective Communication. There are ten competencies. I must admit, under the pressure of the interview I think I’ll struggle to remember these and factor these all into an answer. If I have to do it I’ll give it my best shot.
  3. Livi147

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I passed my SET second time round. Found maths ridiculously easy because you are allowed to use a calculator. Passed the Information Handling and failed the Language. I heard the woman beside me and turn her paper and start from the back with the Language test the first time round. I found this to be a useful technique the second time round, completing all the easy questions first, then focusing on the 'missing words in the paragraph' section in the middle last. I spent far too much time on this the first time round and it ended up costing me.
  4. Livi147

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi everyone! Got recommended to this forum from a current Probation Officer who recently went through the system. Seems to be some extremely good content and advice here. I have my initial interview on the 27th of November. Trying to drill the competencies into my head. My main problem is I know I am better being more natural and borderline 'winging it' when answering the questions. When recording myself I feel I don't sound as confident and more robotic when concentrating on the competency descriptors too much. Need to work on getting the balance right. Can anyone who has passed the process relate to what I'm saying or am I talking nonsense 😂