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  1. Anna05

    December Intake Thread

    Is it just ff and smt still to do or do you have the medical too? If you are certain you can pass your fitness just go for it!
  2. Anna05

    December Intake Thread

    No I did them the beginning of last week as well as my uniform fitting. Today was the last hurdle for getting in
  3. Anna05

    December Intake Thread

    Final offer of appointment through already, guess I’ll be seeing you all at tulliallan!
  4. Anna05

    December Intake Thread

    Fife and Edinburgh, I’m hoping for fife but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!
  5. Anna05

    December Intake Thread

    Hey guys, I’ve been told they are pushing me towards December intake too. I’ve got my medical today so hopefully find out this week! Seems so rushed since it’s only 3 weeks away, I’ve had barely any notice for anything. Within the space of about 2 weeks I’ve been through all the stages (safe to say my current boss is unhappy with me!). I don’t know if I’m scared or excited 😂 Either way just thought I’d say hey because if all goes to plan I’ll be up with you in December!