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  1. The MG11 witness statement is a nationwide document that ALL forces use. One of the questions is about a persons religion.
  2. The power would have come if anything from S.1 PACE and not S.19 as that comes from being lawfully on premises. In my opinion you are not searching for any stolen, prohibited articles therefore there is no power to search under PACE.
  3. The best start to answer this question is...IT DEPENDS!!! 1) If the offender is not known to police then this could be RJ'd so as to find the best outcome for both offender and victim (ie the shop). 2) Is there an actual complainant? Does the shop wish to support criminal proceedings? If not then it's a negative line crime with no support from AP. 3) Why feel the need to arrest? If there is to be a statement of complaint and there is no risk of the offender trying to repeat the incident...he/she could be asked to attend the police station on a voluntary basis! Revisions to PACE Code G would support this action as well as the custody sgt. 4) Offender, if address and name verified, could be issues a PND for £80 if applicable! 5) An absolute last resort would be to lock up the offender and trying to pick 2 necessity criterias for this minor offence would be interesting! These are just my thoughts and do not reflect any police forces in the UK or any other serving police officers ;-)
  4. fez2110

    Pay drop

    I'm just coming to the end of my 2yr probation with Cheshire. I feel sorry for the upcoming new constables and it really is a shitter. BUT if officers can get to the top scale of £36k 3yrs quicker and are given 10% unsociable hours pay for every late and night shift then it's not all that bad!! Be interesting when the pay freeze ends...that could affect things a lot!
  5. fez2110

    Guess how much :)

    The cyclist can not be breathalised as he has committed the offence on a cycle and not in/on a motor vehicle. So it would be up to the officers to prove his drunk ness ie eyes glazed, speech slurred, unsteady on feet, smelt of intoxicants. I think this was more officer discretion at the time. As for the fixed penalties he could have had 2@£30 each and possibly summonsed for the other offences. The best way to deal with this was the summons to court. If he would have failed to give his details he could have been locked up under S.24 PACE/S.110 SOCAP.
  6. Hi, As a former GMP PCSO and now a student officer with my probation period in sight of coming to an end (eventually) my hopes are to transfer back to GMP and hopefully back on to the G Division. Has anyone got any inside knowledge to share? I know the 50 officer recruitment is on going for the next 3 years but will transfer lines be opened up at anytime? Any advixe would be much appreciated Thanks
  7. fez2110

    PNLD Pocket Guide books

    I have one of these for spare if anyone wants one....very very useful! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320878647353?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  8. I totally agree with Spurs comment about money worries. I too am a young in service PC (6th day into my 10 weeks in company phase). My worries were that the recommendations would mean new PC's would be kept on 23k for two years instead of moving up 2 pay scales in that time. I've taken a 2k pay cut to do the job of my dreams and as much as I love my role I do worry about the financial implications for me and my young family. I did read in the report that we would be getting our increases in our two year probation but I just wondered if anyone felt the same as me?
  9. fez2110

    Any recent applicants?

    The accomodation block IS behind HQ and its not bad actually. Its worth the staying over for that week because it gives you chance to be on time withgout worrying about traffic etc, but more important it gives you chance to get to know your fellow student officers. We had beers, pizzas and takeaways as well as doing a bit of pre class reading.
  10. fez2110

    Any recent applicants?

    Hey Ash...well done and congrats on making it to Intake 24!!! (Nice one as well Stuie :-) ) Your collar number should start 5--- , i think you should be up to the 54-- mark. Myself and 15 colleagues have just passed out from Intake 23 and I start in Warrington this Monday. The 6 months of classroom training is very interesting, very hard work but you are very very lucky to be part of what could be the last intake for a long time. Good luck and all the best Fez
  11. fez2110

    Any recent applicants?

    Hi all, It's been a long time since i wrote on this thread....and as you can tell from my previous posts I was EXACTLY where you all were but this time last year. Within that year I've started and completed my 6 month University based IPLDP training and Iam out on 23rd January with my tutor constable! To say that Iam looking forward to it is an understatement....i can't fooking wait! As Intake 23 bows out and Intake 24 gets ready to start in February, it's a shame that the government cuts have lead to recruitment freezing up on people... Good luck to those who didn't make it and keep your fingers crossed ---you never know eh! All the best everyone
  12. fez2110

    Pay and pensions question

    My 8 years LGPS transferred to just short of 5 years on the police pension. Not bad really, means I can do 30 yrs and get a full 35 yrs pension. Regarding the student officer pay, I'm currently clearing £1360 after all deductions (t&i and fed fess). I so desperately need the increase to 26k and that hopefully will be in April 2012. If we get stuffed with that then I'm up #### creek as I took a 3k pay cut to become a reg :-(
  13. Gazza I totally agree mate. I'm coming to the end of my university phase IPLDP section (22 weeks) and looking forward to 10 weeks in company and then a well deserved pay rise from 23k to 26k! I took a 2k pay cut to move up to the regs!!! I desperately need this pay rise in April 2012!!! Has anyone got anything further that can be added to this please?? Thanks
  14. fez2110

    GMP Probationers

    It's definitely not the case for Cheshire neither. I'm on week 18 of classroom phase and am out in company with my tutor con in January. Not a whistle of this in Cheshire
  15. fez2110

    Increase of wages

    Cheers Dell thats some really good news and advice :-)