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  1. rescueme

    Traffic Law book?

    Highly recommended
  2. Not at all. Our standard issue speed cuff holder is a nylon holster, must people wear it with the cuffs down so it sits lower on your belt. Alternatively get some folding speedcuffs, don't take up as much space but still have the rigidity.
  3. I'd wear them directly behind your sidearm probably mounted vertically.
  4. rescueme

    mandatory procedure for tyre inspection

    As long as you have recorded the make of the tyre, the size and your measurements of the tyre width and the points at which you have taken the measurements I'm sure you'll be fine.
  5. rescueme

    Mobile Data Technology

    We have Panasonic Toughbooks in our vehicles. They're mounted on the dashboard with a USB keyboard that come up from the floor pan. The concept is great as Scousejon says it is great to be able to pnc at the roadside and read a full job rather than the edited radio highlights. The issue is that the MDT run on the network just like a desktop, so all the software and programs are designed for desktop use. This doesn't make it easy to use the touch screen. I wish our system was more like the ambulance. I'd like jobs 'sent' to the MDT and programme my sat nav to the destination. I'd also like mobile specific versions of PNC and other software. It'll come, and I don't want to be going backwards in the technology we have to hand. It makes doing my job much easier.
  6. rescueme

    Police Medic(s)

    Interesting. Thanks
  7. rescueme

    Officers with a Stammer

    A lad on my intake has a stammer, he knows which letters cause him problems and deals with it. Not a big issue, as long as people know why you're adapting your language.
  8. rescueme

    FPN - fixed penalty notice

    You don't really have much option, obviously they can't be reported for the offence if they won't tell you who they are. So it will be an arrest. Hopefully informing them of this fact will persuade them into furnishing you with the required info. They can still have their time in court if they would prefer!
  9. rescueme

    Leatherman vs Gerber

    I have both, and I have to say that Leatherman do tend to stand up to things a lot better. My Gerber is rusting where the Leatherman in faultless!
  10. rescueme

    Leatherman vs Gerber

    I have both, and I have to say that Leatherman do tend to stand up to things a lot better. My Gerber is rusting where the Leatherman in faultless!
  11. rescueme

    Which boots from these 5 choices?

    Don't forget, if you have side zipped boots, not to tighten them as tight as you would normally wear boots as it will put a lot of pressure on the zip and it won't last as long.
  12. rescueme

    Which boots from these 5 choices?

    I would ignore all of your choices and go either Lowa or Altberg. Yes they are a little bit more expensive, but seen as a good pair of boots will last years, and you need to look after your feet with all the walking about you will be doing, it's worth the extra money. I have some Lowa combats and they are great, wore them straight out on duty and they where like carpet slippers from day one. And I know Altbergs are a good make. As for wearing them in, that depends on whether you are used to boots. I have always worn boots and so don't bother wearing them in. If you are a trainers wearer then you might need to. As for prices, have a look at the Altbergs website and it tells you what the Police price is.
  13. rescueme


    which force is it your joining?!
  14. rescueme

    When and Where ?

    5th Jan '09 - Cumbria Applied Oct'06!
  15. rescueme

    Boot fit and care?

    Parade gloss is only really used on the toe to get a 'bulled' effect, therefore its limitation on breathability is limited! That said I have never heard of any problems with parade gloss and breathability of waterproof membranes!