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  1. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    That sounds like you'd have something to hide. Not ideal when one of the values you're living by is integrity.
  2. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Correct. Good luck with the application!
  3. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Suit is fine pal. The joining instructions for the day should mention what to wear, and if it doesn't then it's always best to play safe and be smart.
  4. 16472

    Older applicant

    Go for it. You've nothing to lose and if you don't go for it, you'll always wonder 'what if'. I don't buy Narpo's comment, I feel it's not particularly age related and in any case the fitness standard has recently been dropped anyway.... Not to say that I personally agree with the new fitness standard but that's a whole different topic. I went through training with a couple of people older than yourself and had someone in the course behind me that was also older than you are now. They fitted right in and enjoyed every minute. I was actually speaking to one of the aforementioned just the other day (over 2 years after joining) and she's still loving it. So yes, get the application in! All the best.
  5. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Sounds like you have an idea of what you need to work on for the practical side then. Becky had given some really sound above for the interview section so a good bit of prep on all of that mixed together and I'm sure you'll be successful. Good luck!
  6. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did you get feedback after your last AC? Depending on what was said at feedback could influence what advice is best suited to you for best preparing next time round.
  7. 16472

    Tulliallan - curent students

    Good question, and one that I always intend getting an accurate answer to but just haven't done it yet. However, the general consensus is roughly 1 stone.
  8. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They do indeed. Good luck!
  9. 16472

    Equality and Diversity Question....

    I meant to say too that I'm glad to see you're talking about when you reapply and that you've not just given up. That shows determination and they like that - keep on fighting for what you want!
  10. 16472

    Equality and Diversity Question....

    Have you spoken to the assessors and asked for feedback post interview? It's very difficult to comment on the ins and outs of individual examples with an overview of what was said rather than hearing ins and outs. I'd suggest rather than having examples ready that it's much more worthwhile to thoroughly research the behavioural descriptors for each competency. It's great to have ideas of answers/situations for each competency but like you say, that does limit you sometimes. Essentially, interviews are 'marked' against the descriptors so the more boxes you tick (as such), the higher mark you'll get. Hope that makes sense?
  11. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Team September would see you out onto the streets just in time for working your first Christmas and New Year ?
  12. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just a thought about initiatives, you could look on your local Policing area Twitter feed. Initiatives can change frequently and twitter is updated often.
  13. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    And more cops needed in other areas of the country.
  14. 16472

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    May be different in Northern divisions but I certainly got asked about placement preferences when I was at college.